Serve and Be a Part of the Solution

February 20, 2020

by Tom Buratovich, member, California-Nevada Committee on Nominations

From Sunday, February 9 to 11, the California-Nevada Conference Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development planned, prayed, and thought deeply about the function, task, and impact of each committee our Conference operates.

It is easy to look at our tapestry of groups and conclude, “We have too many committees!” But we also believe that there is much work to do. Many tasks in many sectors of life require many different expressions of the work in the Kingdom of God.  No one would look down from the summit of Half Dome and proclaim, “Yosemite is too big!”  The vastness of the valley below lends to the wonder and elegance of God’s creation. However, I do not look at all our committees and feel a sense of wonder and elegance, do you?

What I have come to see is the awesome task before us and how much we need each other to accomplish it. Methodists have always loved committees.

Previously, I was one of those folks content to serve a local church secretly hoping to be left alone by the Conference so I could “undividedly serve.” When I was given a choice of places to serve in the Conference and the District, I scoffed.  I knew I should lend a hand, but how to do so and not be increasingly compromised by outside commitments that “would manage my boundaries for me if I did not myself.”   I was not sure. 

I know the stakes are high.  I know the work is hard.  I know that not enough of us join in – yet I was content to be part of the problem. 
So, I agreed to serve on the Conference Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development.  “It’s the least I can do,” I reasoned.

I was wrong.  I found a community of people committed to doing the job well and taking that excellence and enhancing their ministries with that ethic.  I found a body of people wishing to improve the church in measurable ways.  It made me think, “Maybe there are others who used to think like me?”

If you are one, I understand.  But I cannot allow you to remain sheltered by the image of the “mind-numbing committee that never gets anything done and meets too often and too long.”  You are a part of this Conference, this connection, this effort to give humanity a God-shaped option, a new kind of Jesus-powered life. 

I challenge you to make service to our Conference an intentional process of discernment and prayer. 

The Nominations Committee invites you to be a part of the solution, part of the organic living system of denominational life.  Please click this link for more info and to fill out an application.  We will help you find a place if you are unsure. 

Together, we can do this! 

We do need your help.  We have places to fill, but more importantly we have people to inspire to live into their call and serve in the power of the gifts with which God graced them.  Please, will you join us?