Clergy invited to attend Laity Session during ACS 2020

September 06, 2020

The Conference Lay Leadership Development team and I would like to invite all California-Nevada clergy to take part in the Laity Session on Friday, September 18th from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm.

The Laity Session will provide an opportunity for you to hear with us the voices of laity sharing their personal experiences with racism and oppression. We hope the Laity Session will inform the dialogue that we believe we must engage in after the up-coming 172nd session of the annual conference.

Resources will be on our Conference website as we move closer to the date of the session.

In addition, the Conference Lay Leadership Development team will be hosting a series of webinars beginning Saturday, October 3, 2020 that will define our work into the future. Our work will require the partnership of the clergy as well, so we hope you will join us for these webinars.  More details will be provided during the Laity Session. 

Clergy sisters and brothers, the time has come for us to begin courageous conversations about the issues of race, racism, racial inequity and injustice that are dividing our world, impacting even our own Conference, and that demand our Christian witness.  

We hope you will join us.