Christmas Institute: Say Their Names

June 04, 2020

By Melissa Cancio Manuel, Henry Josh Pablo, III, Hannah Lee Pablo, JR Dizon, Kayla Cape, Victor Jake Manuel

We stand with the marginalized; we mourn with them, we pray for them, and we will fight for them. Silence is not an option. Neutrality is not an option.

This is a divisive time for people of color/minority groups, (as we have seen within the Asian-American community firsthand,) as many young people begin to navigate and unravel their own prejudice and privilege informed by their culture and upbringing.

Young people are coming into their own to secure change for their futures and with that comes a brave resistance to their own personal institutions. As we continue to amplify the voices of the oppressed, we hope to educate members of our faith community with patience and grace.

This is an ongoing fight for justice despite what media coverage has inflated it be, and we are grateful to you all for supporting us.

This (video) is an expression of our solidarity. Click here to view the video.