Children's Worship: Invitation to create and this week's video links

August 13, 2020

The Pentecost Circuit of the Los Rios District will continue to produce Children Worship videos into the Fall and we need volunteers in each area including: Welcome, reading Bible verses, reciting The Lord’s Prayer, giving a brief message, singing, a goodbye wave or blessing, and other venues we haven’t included yet (drama, dancing, art, music … ).

To be a part of this exciting ministry contact JB Brayfindley via email:

Children's Worship for Sunday August 16
THEME: “Welcome”
SCRIPTURE: Psalm 33:5
This week Los Rios Superintendent Rev. Shinya Goto welcomes children and teaches a favorite benediction blessing! Children meet Amigo, the Wolf and Lambs-See-Do and hear about a plumbline. Remember to watch the video to the very end to see Mort’s antics!

Click here to access the video.