California-Nevada Extended Cabinet Gives Its Support to 'One Church' Plan

November 01, 2018


A Statement of the Extended Cabinet of
the California-Nevada Conference of
The United Methodist Church


November 1, 2018
We, the bishop and extended cabinet of the California-Nevada Conference of The United Methodist Church, have gathered in worship and prayer, seeking to discern the will of God and to give expression to such discernment as we consider the paths that lie before our beloved United Methodist Church.  In our discipleship with all the challenges we face, we turn to God and one another.  We remember the high priestly prayer of Jesus, that we may be one with Christ and one with each other.  And we remember the words of 1st Peter 2:10 and what they mean for us…    

Once we were not a people, but now we are God’s people.
Once we had not received mercy, but now we have received mercy.
As people deeply grateful for God’s mercy and redeeming love, we look at The United Methodist Church and give thanks to God for its many ministries, for the light that shines within it, and for the hope in Christ that it offers.
In the spirit of our discernment and covenantal commitment, we stand in support of the One Church Plan that has been presented by the Commission on the Way Forward and endorsed by a great majority of the members of the Council of Bishops.  While not perfect, this plan offers us a way forward into a future together in Christ as The United Methodist Church. 
We believe the other plans that have been proposed draw lines that force us into paths of separation.  The One Church Plan is flawed as all human plans are flawed, yet it has the virtue of calling us to continue to abide together in loving relationship with one another, to continue to be in prayer for one another, to continue to worship together, and to continue to be in ministry and mission in the world, together, in the name of Christ Jesus.           
Our delegation goes to the special-called session of the General Conference with our blessings, support and our prayers.    We join all who are praying for the future of The United Methodist Church.   We are confident that God will be present at the 2019 Special-Called General Conference of The United Methodist Church as God has always been present with us. 
Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño
Rev. Debra Brady, District Superintendent for Central Valley District, Dean of Cabinet
Rev. Schuyler Rhodes, District Superintendent for Los Rios District
Rev. Staci Current, District Superintendent for Bay District
Rev. Shinya Goto, District Superintendent for El Camino Real District
Rev. Blake Busick, District Superintendent for Great Northern District
Rev. Jorge Domingues, Executive Director for Connectional Ministries
Diane Knudsen, Executive Director of Finance and Administration
Rev. Gere Reist, Executive Director of Leadership Development
Rev. Craig Brown, Executive Director of Congregational Development