Cal-Nevada Japanese American UMC Caucus Responds to UM Immigration Task Force Call for Action

July 29, 2019

"Never Again" Is NOW

By Rev. Roger Morimoto
Japanese American Caucus, California-Nevada Conference of The United Methodist Church

It’s been more than seven decades since the Japanese in America experienced racism penned by their own President. At that time 120,000 were forced into camps with barbed wire and guard towers because of their race. It mattered not that many were born in America, or that no crimes had been committed. The land of the free, indeed!

We turned this injustice into a cause, hoping that America would never do this again. But "never again" is happening in America. Right now.

In June of this year, the government of the United States decided to use a U.S. Army base, Fort Sill, for essentially the same thing  as a detention center to house migrant children. For Japanese Americans, Fort Sill has become a flash-point about which we cannot remain silent. History is repeating itself in the racial demonization of migrants, the portrayal of them as enemy aliens invading our country, and governmental leaders using innocent children and families as fodder for political purposes. The Japanese American Caucus of the California-Nevada Annual Conference and The National Japanese American United Methodist Caucus (NJAUMC) condemn this action and hope you will join the fight against it.

The letter can be found here.

Several Japanese American pastors in the California-Nevada Conference have spoken on this issue at a variety of venues. They include Rev. Mike Yoshii in Alameda; Rev. Jeanelle Ablola in San Francisco; Rev. Keith Inouye in San Jose; and Rev. Mariellen Sawada Yoshino, also in San Jose. Some churches, such as Aldersgate UMC, are organizing “Never Again Is NOW” committees.

We encourage our sisters and brothers in the conference to respond to A Call to Action for United Methodists in Response to the Plight of Migrants by the Immigration Task Force of The United Methodist Church.