Cal-Nev Retired Clergy Association Is Anything but Retiring!

September 23, 2019

By Carolee Catterall
Chair, RCA Pastoral Response Team

Despite what images its name may conjure up, the California-Nevada Conference Retired Clergy Association is a dynamic group! The retired clergy of our conference are continuing to be an active and contributing part of our shared ministry, and the association – thanks in large part to the Endowment Board – is able to serve retired clergy and spouses in many and varied ways.

One of our committees is Relational Care and in the same category we have the Pastoral Response Team. Volunteer retired clergy in different parts of the conference have agreed to be called upon to be available to retired clergy in their areas for fellowship and support. The team meets once a year for fellowship and enrichment at the Conference Center in West Sacramento. RCA helps with the expenses for lodging, mileage, and a meal. This has been a wonderful connection for all involved.

Out of this has come the Parish Visitors program. This program is just getting started and involves members traveling to do pastoral visiting in different regions of our conference.

If you would like to talk about either of these two programs feel welcomed to call me at 530-635-4580, or reach out to me through email:

Other opportunities through RCA include:

  • RCA has a scholarship committee set up to help with schooling expenses for candidates.
  • RCA members have gone on Volunteers in Mission (VIM) trips to help people rebuild their homes and lives.
  • Retired clergy are encouraged to attend the Gathering of the Orders and also Annual Conference Session to enjoy fellowship, worship, and involvement, and funds are available to help make that possible.
  • There is a Spring Fling! In 2020, the Spring Fling will take place April 21-22. Plan to join in to experience worship, an inspirational speaker, and warm fellowship. (Find out more at

Nancy Daley is the RCA executive officer. Reach out to her at if you have questions about the organization, its benefits, the events RCA offers us as retired clergy of this conference, and for information about how you can join RCA and serve. 

As retired clergy, we continue to be active and involved in the ministry of the Kingdom!