Cal-Nev Decision Not to Withhold Draws National Attention

July 03, 2019

The July 1 statement by the California-Nevada Conference Extended Cabinet, rejecting disaffiliation and non-payment of apportionments, has drawn the attention of United Methodist News.
In a July 3 story titled “California-Nevada says no to withholding funds, disaffiliation,” UM News reporter Kathy Gilbert writes:  

Citing Romans 12:1-5 and John Wesley’s view “On Schism,” the California-Nevada Conference Cabinet said disaffiliation of the Western Jurisdiction from The United Methodist Church is not the answer and that withholding apportionments is an expression of white privilege that could lead to lives being lost. 

The cabinet issued a statement after a retreat in which the leaders reviewed the actions and discussions of the annual conference session. 

During the California-Nevada Annual Conference, a recommendation for redirecting general apportionment dollars was discussed and defeated. 

Inflicting financial punishment on United Methodists in Africa and the Philippines because they support the Traditional Plan is a clear violation of the first General Rule to “Do no harm,” the statement reads.