Bishop Carcaño Counters ‘Crisis’ Narrative With Her ‘Prophetic Voice’

January 10, 2019

“The bishop conveys these critically important ideas … in the kind of simple but powerful way that stays with listeners and deters them from giving up – a very real danger as the conflict stretches into months and then years.” – Ray Kirstein

The request was this: “It would be invaluable” for Bishop Minerva Carcaño to lend her “prophetic voice … to counter the ‘crisis’ narrative as it is being promoted by this administration.” It came from Ray Kirstein, the producer of State of Belief, the weekly national radio program and podcast from Interfaith Alliance, who asked that the bishop consent to a 15-minute interview, to be pre-recorded for broadcast this weekend. The response from Bishop Carcaño was affirmative.

“As relentless as the fearmongering from the highest offices in the land continues to be – particularly the presidential address and [his] scheduled trip to the border – we feel called to uphold the values that represent America in as many ways as we can,” Kirstein wrote. “It can feel frustrating and repetitive, but we can see clearly how repetition makes even the most outrageous misstatements seem less outrageous. How much more important, then, is it to be at least as forceful and repetitive in raising up the truth!”

The interview (taped this morning) will air at various times in different markets this Saturday and Sunday, but Kirstein says  the easiest way to listen from anywhere is to tune in to the podcast at

We will share the direct link to the interview on Monday. Watch for it on the homepage of the conference website.