Are You Ready?

December 19, 2018

By Diane Knudsen
Executive Director of Finance and Administration

We only have a few more days to prepare ourselves for the mystery of the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Are you and your church bearing witness to a weary world, shining the bright light of hope out the door and into the streets? I’m grateful for all of you and pray you feel the love and support of all of us at the United Methodist Center this Advent season.

Our witness includes showing up for each other in a myriad of ways. As you are busy with the immense work of the season, my staff and I are gearing up to close the books on another year of tithing and all the ministries that are made possible through your tithes. Will you do all you can to bring your church’s full tithe to us by noon on Monday, January 14, 2019? Will you step up to contribute to our year-end campaign and encourage all the members of your church to do likewise? This weary world surely needs all we have to give.

You can make an online donation here.

Watch this video to receive an encouraging word from Rev. Kristin Stoneking, Chair of the Council on Finance and Administration.

Review the updated Church Tithe Report here.

Blessings to you and yours!