California-Nevada Conference partnerships make a difference in Angola

December 17, 2020

 Fatuma (Nana) Olangi Kutela is a United Methodist Church missionary serving in the West Angola Annual Conference agricultural development program since 2017. She is a graduate of Africa University ( in Zimbabwe with a B.Sc. in Agricultural and Natural Resources, where her major studies were in Horticulture. Nana is a native of Congo, a member of the UMC South Congo-Zambia Annual Conference, and part of the UMC emphasis on missionaries who are from everywhere and to everywhere.

In 2010, the California-Nevada Annual Conference, through the work of the Angola Partnership Team and the Conference Committee on Mission Service,  sent a used pickup truck and farm tractor to Angola to assist the agricultural program. Those vehicles served well but finally wore out. This summer the team started raising money for a replacement truck. In early October a total of $16,870 was sent through The Advance UMC to Angola, and in early December Nana emailed photos and shared these words of grattitude:

Peace and grace!

I hope your family, church members and yourself are all fine. I pray that you all be always safe and healthy. My family and I are also fine we thank God for protection and life.

God is amazing!! We finally managed to get a second-hand truck. It's a manual gearbox Toyota Hilux [similar to a Tacoma in the US].
I will never be able to thank you enough. I only can promise to work hard and impact lives so that we all participate in this ministry of sharing love and light.

We managed to keep a bit of money for the first maintenance (since it is a used vehicle) and papers and insurance. The conference promised to take care of maintenance and fuel.
Big thank you to all those who participated for the purchase of this truck. Only God can reward their Good deed for the west Angolan people.

I am so happy to start moving easily to my work places despite corona and its restrictions. At least I can reach places without problems, but I would like to say that I still need your help for the work itself. The vehicle was the urgent need but the routine work also need your support, please !

I send to you all the best wish of the season, stay blessed!!!

Food security and agriculture are important ministry components in West Angola, where seventy-five per cent of the 300 congregations are in rural areas where poverty and hunger touch most people. One third of Angolans support themselves by subsistence agriculture. The church seeks to support farming projects and help communities achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Nana is developing a demonstration farm on land the conference owns at Caxito (60 km northeast of the capitol, Luanda) in addition to her work with Methodist women at Bom Jesus (50 km southeast). Produce from Caxito is distributed in Luanda to the widows of former pastors. She can bring new agricultural skills from Africa University to many families' fields, but only when she meets people face to face.

You can learn more about Nana in her UMC Mission profile, where you can (and should!) also donate to support her work. Committee contacts are Joel Bulaya and Jim Eychaner.