Sharing from CUIR: A Timely COVID Resource

August 28, 2020

 At our last Committee on Christian Unity and Interreligious Relationships (CUIR) Zoom meeting, a timely resource was shared that we want to pass along to you, our Conference siblings!

I believe the World Council of Churches is the largest international ecumenical organization in the world, bringing together 350 member churches, denominations, and fellowships. This means 500 million Christians are represented! They come from 110 countries on all continents and include Anglican, Orthodox, Protestant, United, and other Churches. The United Methodist Church is part of the WCC along with other member churches. Click here to view the list of member churches.

The World Council of Churches has compiled Bible Studies for this time of pandemic. Please click here to find them.

We’d love to hear how you used them! Please submit a story to the Instant Connection or let us know by emailing me  

Thank you and blessings to you.