A New Thing: New Church Start Academy 2020

September 18, 2019

Doing "what we’ve always done” may or may not be working, but it’s easy. Breaking out of that pattern requires boldness and vision – and it’s scary. But when God calls us to something new, God also empowers us to do it. 
You may be one of those persons God is calling to plant a new church or to start a new one right where you are. If that’s the case, the Committee on New and Vital Congregations (CNVC) wants to partner with you – because the work of starting new things in a local church requires creativity and vision for ministry at a whole new level.
What does “partnership” with CNVC entail? The committee has a yearlong learning cohort, New Church Start Academy 2020, that will begin in January 2020 and conclude just before Advent. The academy will be an intentional community of potential church planters who will develop ministry action plans for reaching new people (in new and existing places) within a culture of worship, multiplication, and accountability. 

Participation will involve a couple of face-to-face retreats, augmented by reading assignments and a requisite monthly Zoom meeting. 
The application process is open now. Bishop Minerva Carcaño and the Appointive Cabinet will review the applications and select the cohort group, with the cost of the cohort being fully funded by the CNVC. 
The application deadline is November 1, 2019. 
To find out more about the New Church Start Academy, visit the Congregational Ministries site, https://www.cnumc.org/CD, and click on “Preparing People.