Message from the Conference Scouting Ministry Coordinator

March 01, 2017

Boy Scout units have been (and are) sponsored by a number of United Methodist Churches (or affiliate groups like United Methodist Men). The United Methodist Church has been one of the largest sponsors of Boy Scout Units.  Rules have changed in the Boy Scouts in the last few years, which allows sponsors greater flexibility in creating units that align with their goals.  Since June 2015, a Boy Scout unit can have adult leadership who are gay. As of January 2017, transgendered boys are allowed into Cub Scout and Boy Scout units if the sponsor agrees. I have been continuously registered in Boy Scouts for 58 years. If you know of a sponsor (possibly your church), that would allow all children and adults to be involved in Boy Scouting, contact me. I have also been involved in a program of the General Commission on United Methodist Men called Scouting Ministry Specialist. If you know individuals that would like to be trained in this capacity, contact me.
Frank Bailey
Scouting Ministry Coordinator
California-Nevada Conference of the UMC
(916) 300-9370

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