YOU MATTER challenge

April 27, 2020

Students and Staff from the University of the Pacific, California's only United Methodist-related university, shared a special message on TikTok.

Student Leaders from various religious and spiritual groups, including the Open Door Methodist Student Ministries group, joined together with Religious & Spiritual Life Staff members in a collaborative effort to remind everyone that “YOU MATTER.”

You can add post your own video to TikTok by recording yourself passing a YOU MATTER sign from right hand to left hand; make sure to use #YouMatterChallenge when you upload it.

We added our cities/hometowns the sheet of paper so that we could see how far this challenge can reach.

*Religious leaders from Hillel Jewish Student Group, Indian Student Association, Sikh Student Association, Newman Catholic Student Group, Muslim Student Association, Pacific Christian Fellowship, Open Door Methodist Student Ministries Group, Tigers for Christ Student Group, and Interfaith Student Leaders.