The Burgeoning Problem the Housing Gap

January 15, 2020

by Hubert Ivery

The lack of affordable housing is one of the most pressing issues we face in the San Francisco Bay Area. There is a growing gap between available housing and affordable housing.

Lack of housing is a moral and ethical problem. It reflects a society’s spiritual commitment to create a healthy and just community for all people. It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure every person has adequate housing. Housing availability hinges on how communities manage land, construction, and the environment, and the policies and practices they use to govern development.

So far, no program has managed to solve homelessness. Homelessness is seen most visibly where people are camped outside along streets, in front of doorways, under bridges and freeways, and in parks and vacant lots. Communities suffer from a lack of available housing near workplaces. When workers have to travel significant distances to work, it creates traffic jams, pollution, reduced income, and loss of time. Cities lose out on revenue which would otherwise be spent by residents. To learn more about ways to help solve housing issues in your community, attend a public meeting on January 23 at HUB 925 Community Space and Athletic Club, 5341 Owens Ct., Pleasanton, CA. 5:30 community dinner, 6:00 pm meeting.  

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