Wesley Foundation Campus Ministry of Merced

May 29, 2018

Wesley Foundation Campus Ministry of Merced received a grant from the California-Nevada Conference Board of Higher Education & Campus Ministries (CBHECM). They are a radically inclusive, intentional Christian community that welcomes people of all walks of life regardless of religion, race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation and gender identity to promote living an authentic life in God. The mission of Wesley Foundation of Merced is to reach out to students in UC Merced (8000), Merced College (12,000), and Wesley House (8 students living in an intentional Christian community) to bring them into living relationship with God that will inform, guide and empower their lives through “Journey Conversations”, Bible study, and social justice and service engagements.

Recent events and programs include weekly Bible Study and discussion at the Wesley House (Intentional Christian Living House). Student residents living at the Wesley House (run by Wesley Foundation of Merced) meet weekly to study the Bible and have discussion together. In the Spring, they focused on the teachings of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew and its implications for the present time. Students learned about Jesus’ proclamation of the Kingdom of God and the challenge to live in fidelity to God’s Kingdom over Kingdom of Caesar. A student forum addressed DACA and students participated in a response to mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida by participating in the "March for Our Lives" demonstration at Merced City Hall. Students from Merced College and UC Merced came out in support of Merced High Schools demonstration for common sense gun safety law in solidarity with the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where mass school shooting occurred. Students volunteered for the voter registration drive at the demonstration advocating students to vote on midterm election for candidates who will support common sense gun safety laws.

“I have been attending the 'Journey Conversations' hosted by Wesley Club. I have found it helpful to me to have a place where you can come and talk about anything in the safety of confidentiality and acceptance. As a student from Japan I grew up needing to hide shame from others. I need a safe place where I can bring what I am facing in my life without feeling bad about myself. And weekly 'Journey Conversations' provides that safe place in the presence of other students who listens and support one another in the guidance of our campus minister, pastor John,” says Izumi Ota, second year student at Merced College. 

For more information, contact the Rev. John Song, (650) 722-1277, johnsongumc@gmail.com, facebook.com/wesleymerced, or www.wesleymerced.org.  To Mail: Wesley Foundation of Merced 899 Yosemite Pkwy, Merced, CA 95340.
Eat Dessert First Fundraising Event for Wesley Foundation of Merced at the UMC of Merced 

Journey Conversation hosted by Wesley Club to provide safe place for students to gather to be vulnerably honest with the challenges and struggles of their lives. 

Meditation Workshop led by Rev. John Song to students

Students demonstrating one of the meditation practices known as “Conduit of Grace” at the Mental Health First Aid Training.