The Swan Dreams Project with Aesha Ash at the Waller Center

March 05, 2018

Join us at the Waller Center (1525 Waller St. San Francisco, CA 94117) for a workshop with Aesha Ash on March 18 from 2 to 4 p.m. Aesha will be assisted by Lauren Graves who will be providing creative movement activities while Aesha offers ballet in smaller groups. This is not a formal ballet class, but Aesha will do a mini intro to ballet. The class will be for grades K-5. Class time will run form 2 PM- 4:30 PM. Doors will open at 1:30 PM for students to register. The class will be donation based. All donations will go towards future community classes at the Waller Center and The Swan Dreams Project. Please note that there is limited space for parent's to view the class. There is no seating in the gymnasium, and we will need to be considerate of space for the class. We reccommend you arrive by public transportation as there is limited parking in the neighborhood. Below is more inforamtion on Aesha and her organizaion. We hope to see you there! From the Swan Dreams Project Website ( Aesha has been a professional ballet dancer for 13 years. After attending the legendary School of American Ballet, she joined the New York City Ballet at the age of 18, where she remained for eight years dancing numerous soloist and principal roles. Aesha then joined the legendary Bejart Ballet, in Lausanne Switzerland, as a soloist. After enjoying success in Europe, she returned to the United States in 2005 where joined Alonzo King's Lines Ballet. After a tremendous amount of growth and learning, Aesha went freelance. She began working with Morphoses, founded by Christopher Wheeldon. Aesha has been featured in Dance Magazine, Pointe Magazine, Bazaar, Marie Claire, the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle, to name a few. You will find Aesha featured in the New York City Ballet Workout II, Barbie Nutcracker, as well as the principal dance double for Zoe Saldana in the movie Center Stage. Through the use of imagery and my career as a ballet dancer, I want to help change the demoralized, objectified and caricatured images of African-American women by showing the world that beauty is not reserved for any particular race or socio-economic background. I wish for this message to infuse the ballet world and project to the entire world. While exposing more African-American communities to the ballet, I also hope to promote greater involvement and increase patronage to this beautiful art form. ? The Swan Dreams Project's goal is to convey the message that beauty and talent are not constrained by race or socio-economic status. I want our youth to know that they are not limited by stereotypes nor by their environment, but only by their dreams. Recent articles Self Magazine: Dance Magazine: For Free Tickets: