General and Jurisdictional Apportionments Paid 100% in 2017

January 25, 2018

*By Dr. Larry R. Hygh, Jr.
For the first time in recent memory, the California-Nevada Conference paid 100 percent of its 2017 General Church (denominational) and Western Jurisdiction apportionments. 
"The people of the California-Nevada Conference have responded to God’s abundant grace through their giving.  They have done so, faithfully and sacrificially.  My heart rejoices in the good work that has brought us thus far," says Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño, resident bishop. She added, "The tithes of our local churches will bless the world, near and far, in more ways than we can count! Glory be to God!"  
Conference Treasurer and Director of Administration, Diane Knudsen, says, "I’m happy to report that through a combination of an increase in church tithes along with under-spending in our conference budget the last two years, we are able to pay 100 percent of our general church and jurisdictional apportionments in 2017."  She added, "We’ve been making progress towards this goal for a few years, and I am grateful to all the pastors and churches who made this possible.”
The Conference moved from an apportionment to a tithing system in 2014. The Conference tithe is 10 percent of a local church's operating income.
In 2017, California-Nevada Conference churches gave more than anticipated, and spending on staff and conference programs was less than anticipated. There is a standing rule that does not allow the Conference to keep more than three months of cash flow in reserve.  This allowed the Conference Council on Finance and Administration to direct the difference over the maximum reserve amount toward obligations to the general church.
The Rev. Kristin Stoneking, Conference Chair of the Council on Finance and Administration, says, "This is a very good outcome and I’m extremely pleased that the generosity and faithfulness of the annual conference through the leadership of our Bishop and Cabinet have allowed us to completely fulfill our share of supporting the mission and ministry of the broader church."  She added, "I do want to make clear that being able to give 100 percent to general and jurisdictional apportionments is not the same thing as 100 percent of our churches fulfilling their tithe. We make a spending plan based on the previous year’s outcomes for local church tithing."
Overall giving through tithing increased in 2017 by more than $236,000. Several churches went far beyond the tithe.  Upcoming editions of Instant Connection will profile some of these churches and their faithfulness. 
Denominational funds supported through the apportionment system include: World Service, Ministerial Education, Black College, Africa University, Episcopal, General Administration, and Interdenominational Cooperation.  For information about those funds, click here.
Amount paid from California-Nevada Conference to each fund are as follows:

  • World Service                                        $1,025,643
  • Ministerial Education                             $259,811
  • Black College                                        $138,181
  • Africa University                                    $30,925
  • Episcopal                                               $303,735
  • General Administration                          $121,787
  • Interdenominational Cooperation          $27,092
For more information on the Western Jurisdiction, click here.
*Hygh is director of communications for the California-Nevada Conference which includes 370 United Methodist Churches with 73,000 congregants in Northern California and Northern Nevada.