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February 21, 2023 | by Ronda Cordill



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February 10, 2023

Let's Get Started!

     I like to start each newsletter with a picture or graphic to highlight the theme of that newsletter.  This month I looked for a word cloud (a group of words that fit together in one single graphic) on missions.  As I looked through my pictures and then googled it, this is what I found:

     It is not a bad word cloud as several of the words are very important to an UMVIM Mission Journey but the are no words to represent God or Jesus in the cloud at all.  They should be the BIGGEST and the BOLDEST words right in the middle of the cloud.  I hope that as teams or churches start to answer the 'Do One New Thing' Challenge we made last month that God and His Son, Jesus are in the middle of our mission work.  

      I chose this graphic to represent God's promise to do a new thing in our lives.  The plant sprouting out of the crack in the road shows that we have been through some very hard times the past 3 years and now is time that we see what new things God is bringing us.  May we accept the challenge to do one new thing.  It does not have to be a big thing as tiny things together become big things in other people's lives.  Do this to honor and serve God this year. 


 Through UM Volunteers in Mission there are so many ways to take the 

"Do a NEW THING Challenge in 2023"

In this newsletter I want to share:

·What the Conferences in the Western Jurisdiction are doing

·Team Leader Training opportunities

·New opportunities to serve. 

For more information contact your UMVIM Conference Coordinators  


Alaska:                       Don Olson   
Cal/Pacific:                 Susan Harriss
Cal/Nevada:                 Steve Elliott
Mountain Sky               Rev. Jean Schwien
Desert Southwest:       Mike & Lorraine Eyer                      
Oregon/Idaho:             Louise Kienzle 
Pacific Northwest:       Cheryl Reagan
Ronda Cordill UMVIM WJ Jurisdiction Coordinator at umvimwj@gmail.com.


Are you Being Counted?

Tell us about your Mission Journey

     At the end of each year, the UMVIM WJ program puts together statistics reflecting the number of UMVIM teams and the number of volunteers who served in 2022.  Did we count you and your team?  Insurance reports gives us some of the team statistics but not all.  Some teams register with either their conference or the jurisdiction.  If you want to make sure that you have been counted in 2022, complete this very brief form to report your team or you can email Ronda Cordill the WJ UMVIM Coordinator at umvimwj@gmail.comClick Here for the Form.
      Remember your church's community engagement counts as serving in mission.  Let us know about your work in your community whether it be for a one-day event, weekly or monthly service with a food pantry, or feeding program or working with school children for example.   Click Here for the Form.



Here are the statistics before Corvid. 
Next month we will show the changes in programs for 2022.

 Are you planning to serve in 2023?   
Tell us where and when you are serving,  We want to pray for your team (team will be listed in the newsletter and on our WJ website if you would desire) as well as celebrate your service.  Contact your Annual Conference Coordinator or Ronda Cordill.  


Annual Conference Updates

There are several things going on in Alaska.  Most teams who are planning on serving have contacted their hosts but we are checking out more sites for more teams in 2023 and Beyond.  More than 1,000 miles of Alaska coastline was devastated by a Tsunami in Sept.  Communities and fish camps suffered damage to homes and food sources which provided those living there a livelihood. The Disaster Response Team is working on ways to get teams to the communities to help with recovery and rebuilding this summer.  When logistics and travel arrangements can be confirmed there will be a call for Long Term Recover Teams this summer, hopefully as soon as June.  If you or your team is interested in the possibility to serve this summer in Alaska, let Ronda Cordill, WJ UMVIM Coordinator know by email at umvimwj@gmail.com,  She will send out information and the formal call as soon as possible to those who are interested.  
California / Nevada:
Annual Conference Coordinator Steve Elliott reports the following:  
-A variety of churches are already booking missions for 2023.
-Two local church mission projects are planned for 2023:
     1) Boulder Creek UMC (paint exterior) - Los Altos UMC.
     2) Pittsburg UMC (renovate parsonage) – Asbury UMC and  San Ramon Valley UMC.
        The Pittsburg project has already started.
- Jessie Conklin is now on board as Shari Sandoval’s replacement.
- Cal-Nev provided two Early Response Teams to the earthquake relief in Humboldt County. We are continuing to participate in the recovery coordination with another team, possible for early February.
- Cal-Nev Conference ERT’s teamed with Merced UMC to provide flooding relief in the Merced area, including three days at the FEMA Disaster Response Center and direct survivor assistance.  The Conference Disaster Ministry Committee issued a $10,000 grant from UMCOR to Merced UMC to help fund survivor assistance. Continued participation in the recovery phase is expected.

Contact Steve at umvimcoordinator@calnevumc.org or go to the Cal/Nev Website

California / Pacific:
Susan Harriss, Cal/Pac UMVIM AC Coordinator reports that:
-In 2023 a pilot program is being planned in conjunction with Cal/Pac Disability Ministries led by Sharon McCart. We will be working to identify adaptation projects that can be worked on by local teams.
-We will also continue to support the Toiletry Kit Ministry that is currently providing supplies to the Safe Harbors Network asylum seeker shelter program and the Calexico UMC Asylum Seeker Program.
For more information contact Susan at slharriss@cox.net

Desert Southwest:
Mike Eyer DSW ACC led a Conference wide Mission to Ft. Yuma UMC in Winterhaven, CA in January.  The church is more than a hundred years old and has needy buildings that have rat and pigeon skeletons in the walls and ceilings.  We will be posting an article about the mission on the UMVIM WJ Website soon.  
The DSW Conference is looking for a new Annual Conference Coordinator as Mike is retiring.  Please let Mike Eyer know if you are interested by clicking here to email him.    
Mountain Sky:
Rev. Jean Schwein, the new Annual Conference Coordinator for Mountain Sky is transitioning into her new role.  If you served on an UMVIM team in the past 2-3 years reach out to her and get to know her and make sure that "You are Being Counted!".  Rev. Jean's email is umvim@mtnskyumc.org  

Louise Kienzle the OR-ID ACC reports that she has just started a simple monthly newsletter to share opportunities: assembling disaster kits, serving with long-term recovery groups and going out in mission.  She states, 'I am hopeful that the small mailing group I have begun with will grow with short stories of relationships, offering hope and more will be shared.'  Louise, has a VIM team preparing to go out this month and she will be leading a team to Kenya this summer. Louise is hoping that teams will share their Mission Journey so she can celebrate what other churches in the OR-ID conference that are doing mission!  To contact Louise Kienzle at umvim@umoi.org 
Pacific Northwest: 
Cheryl Reagan, ACC Coordinator for the Pacific Northwest is focusing on rebuild teams that are needed in Whatcom County who suffered damaging floods this past November. The Long Term Site in Whatcom County is north of Seattle near the Canadian Border and there are "Done in a Day" jobs available if you can only serve for a day or two.  Housing is available for week long terms.   If you are interested in serving in Whatcom County, contact Cheryl at cherylreagan.umvim@gmail.com for more information.


Future UMVIM Teams

Team members needed for  UMVIM Mission to Angola
Team being formed to return to Angola! 
     In recognition of our 20 year relationship with Angola,
a team is being recruited to go to Angola in the summer of 2023.
The dates for the mission are July 2-July 18, 2023   

Sue King will be leading the team and has led five previous teams to Angola.

The team will be staying at Quessua United Methodist Mission Station in Malange.
This will provide an opportunity to visit churches and pastors and continue to learn and understand about ministry in East Angola. Time will also be spent with Kutela Katembo, witnessing his ministry in agriculture. We will help in ways appropriate to skills and needs as identified by UMCOR grants support, schools, and seminary.
 The team is limited to 12 people.
Sue will do zoom team meetings and orientation in 2023.
Please email Sally McConnell, sbmcconnell06@gmail and Sue King, sistercircuitrider@gmail.com with questions or if you’re interested in joining the team.
The cost of the trip per person is $5,000.
The cost above includes:  airfare from SLC to Luanda, Angola (and return); food and lodging at Quessua; visa fees; UMVIM insurance; transportation in Angola.
It does not include: cost to get to SLC; vaccination costs; passport fees; mosquito net; church offerings; sightseeing.

Training Opportunities


Team Leader Training Refresher on February 28, 2023
Ronda Cordill is going to kick off the training year by offering a
Team Leader Training Refresher
Tuesday, February 28th from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. PST. 
This is an on-line training: 
What to expect:
Brief review of the UMVIM Team Leader Training
Updates on resources, insurance, and other team requirements  
Question and answer period

When you register you will receive the zoom link.  Send in or bring your questions. 
Contact Ronda at umvimwj@gmail.com for more information. 
To register, click here. 

Western Jurisdiction Team Leader Training Survey

     We need  your help to tell us what education you want or need. Here is a short survey about your needs for Team Leader Training.  This should take about 5 minutes to complete.  The Annual Conference Coordinators would like to do some training in person as well as online (Zoom) throughout the year.  The UMVIM WJ team is putting together a training calendar for 2023, which will  include Team Leader Trainings and Team Leader Refreshers as well as well as Educational Seminars on topics that support the mission teams and their leaders. Thank you for your help.  Click Here for the Survey



Mission Volunteer Trainings for 2023

The Mission Volunteers Program has announced new training dates for 2023. The Mission Volunteer program is designed for individuals or couples (ages 18 and up) who seek long-term partnerships with communities around the world and fund themselves. Mission Volunteer opportunities are diverse and range from working with refugees, children and youth to serving as a teacher, pastor, camp director or health care professional. The length of service ranges from two months to more than two years.

Plan to attend one of the Mission Volunteer Trainings in 2023:

     March 27-30, 2023, St Raphaela Retreat Center, Haverford, PA
     May 10-13, 2023, Jesuit Retreat Center, Los Altos, CA
     Nov 8-11, 2023, Franciscan Center, Tampa FL

To learn more about the training events, visit www.missionvolunteers.org or email mv@umcmission.org.


Western Jurisdictional Coordinator:  Ronda Cordill 
Email:   umvimwj@gmail.com 
Phone:  (509) 993-6753 (Cell) or (509) 235-5466 (Home)
Address:  20116 W. Sterling; Rd Cheney, WA 99004

Alaska:                       Don Olson   
Cal/Pacific:                 Susan Harriss
Cal/Nevada:                 Steve Elliott
Mountain Sky               Rev. Jean Schwien
Desert Southwest:       Mike & Lorraine Eyer                      
Oregon/Idaho:             Louise Kienzle 
Pacific Northwest:       Cheryl Reagan

Your UMVIM WJ Conference Coordinators are there to assist and support you as you answer your call to serve as a short-term mission volunteer.  If you are already scheduled to serve on a mission journey, let us know about it, so that we can share your story.  Please feel free to contact them for information or connection to other VIM Resources. 
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Ronda Cordill serves as the UMVIM coordinator for the Western Jurisdiction.

Steve Elliott
Conference Disaster Response & UMVIM Coordinator (Director)
(925) 640-9797

Jessie Conklin
Young People’s and Camping/Retreat Ministries and Disaster Response/Volunteers in Mission
(916) 374-1528