Opportunities to Serve and Support Immigration Efforts

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Opportunities to Serve and Support Immigration Efforts


Here are three different ways to volunteer in support of immigrants in the Western Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church

AIDNW:  Advocates for Immigrants in Detention Northwest  
Large numbers of asylum seekers are being brought from the southern border to Tacoma and released from the Tacoma detention center—15 – 25 people each day.
Our volunteers are working in shifts at the AIDNW Welcome Center from 2:30 to 7 PM Monday through Friday and sometimes later, helping guests plan travel all over the country to reach their family members.
ICE has told us that this level of releases is expected to continue indefinitely.  We need:  volunteer drivers, Welcome Center volunteers, backpacks.
To volunteer please fill out a volunteer application here LINK .  To donate backpacks or other needed supplies, or funds to assist our operations, please see our Amazon wish list  and donation link details:  aidnw.org/how-to-donate.

Checks can be sent to our office at 1915 Sheridan Ave Tacoma, WA 98405.

What a Difference Teamwork Makes in Cal/Pacific

Amazing things are happening with our local Claremont California outreach to asylum seekers and immigrants through an extraordinary commitment from many volunteers.

Read this wonderful story of Volunteers in Mission  Click here

We look forward to more volunteers coming. We’ve had well over 100 committed workers and teams—especially a huge shout out to Desert Southwest Annual Conference which sends us so many teams. While most of our volunteers come for a day at a time, they often come back on several different days.

Please contact Judy Lewis (909) 731-8248) if you would like to spend some time with us on the beautiful Claremont School of Theology campus with our most delightful guests or if you can provide transportation for medical or other appointments.
Also, if you have Safe Sanctuary and a background check, we welcome you into the children’s areas. It is wonderful for them to have so many caring adults. Children’s Disaster Services has provided a team for 2 hours weekly.

The Cal-Pac Disaster Response Task Force is so grateful for the positive response to the asylum seekers who have faced a humanitarian disaster necessitating them to leave their homes. And a shout out to Global Missions, who provided us with our Mission Volunteers. Good job!

The Inn of Arizona

The Inn of Arizona in Tucson Arizona is a program sponsored by the Desert Southwest Conference of the United Methodist Church. 
It assists immigrants at the US/Mexico border with coming into the US and handles a larger number of guests daily. If you can help, please volunteer at the link below.  Your work is invaluable and is what keeps the Inn’s doors open to welcoming our guests.  The work needed is providing hospitality, help with meal prep and delivery, fundraising, or to drive guests to the (Inn) hotel, bus station or the airport, we need and would greatly appreciate your assistance! Providing hospitality, with guidance from the Inn staff, is rewarding and satisfying, whether delivering support onsite or helping with transportation. Guests have been screened and are Covid-19 negative before proceeding to our hotel site. In addition, we follow all Covid protocol while transporting and on premises. 
To Volunteer:  go to the The Inn of Southern Arizona website (www.theinnofsa.org) and you will learn more about the program.  There is a great video on the home page as well.  

To Donate:  click on this link. The Inn - Online Donation Form - Desert Southwest Conference (dscumc.org).
  • A donation of $50 provides an entire family a clean, comfortable room and meals for a night. Most families only stay one or two nights before moving on to their destinations.
  • The Inn’s costs are at least $600 a day for shelter alone.   


Steve Elliott
Conference Disaster Response & UMVIM Coordinator (Director)
(925) 640-9797

Shari Sandoval
Senior Administrative Assistant
(916) 374-1528