These resources are designed to aid in preparation for upcoming charge conferences. If you have questions, please contact the Districts Administration Center at 916.374.1501 or, or your District Office.

Charge Conference Forms for 2010-2011

Checklist for Annual Church Conference
 (PDF Format)  (Word Doc)
Membership Report and Instructions (PDF Format)   (Word Doc)
Pastor's Compensation, Benefits & Reimbursements Report and Instructions (includes Minimum Salary Schedule and Accountable Reimbursement Policy) (PDF Format)   (Word Doc)
Recommendations for Ministerial Candidacy and Lay Speakers (PDF Format)   (Word Doc)
Volunteer in Missions Teams Report to the Church Conference (PDF Format)   (Word Doc)
Campus Ministry Student Information Survey (PDF Format)   (Word Doc)
Report of the Trustees (PDF Format)   (Word Doc)
Trustee Facility Use Report (PDF Format)   (Word Doc)
Lay Speaker Application and Report (PDF Format)   (Word Doc)
Fund Balance Report (PDF Format)    
Compensation Forms for 2010-2011
Pastor's Compensation, Benefits & Reimbursements Report and Instructions (includes Minimum Salary Schedule and Accountable Reimbursement Policy) 
Other Annual Reporting Forms
2010 Appointment Forms Cover Letter  (PDF Format)  (Word Doc)
2010 Appointment-Related Report Documents Checklist  (PDF Format) (Word Doc)
2010 Pastor's Report to the Cabinet  (PDF Format)  (Word Doc)
2010 Mandatory Continuing Education Annual Progress Report  (PDF Format)  (Word Doc)
2010 SPRC Report to the Cabinet  (PDF Format) (Word Doc)
2010 Instructions for Pastoral Leadership Feedback Worksheet  (PDF Format) (Word Doc)
2010 Pastoral Assessment Form (SPRC)  (PDF Format) (Word Doc)
2010 Clergy Profile (PDF Format)  (Word Doc
2010 Church Profile  (PDF Format)
2010 ATEM/ABLC Forms Cover Letter  (PDF Format)  (Word Doc)
2010 ATEM Application Form  (PDF Format)  (Word Doc)
2010 ABLC Form (Deacon)   (PDF Format)  (Word Doc)
Responsibilites and Duties of Elders and Licensed Pastors  (PDF Format) (Word Doc)
The Pastor-Parish Relations/Staff-Parish Relations Committee  (PDF Format) (Word Doc)
2010 Appointment Making  (PDF Format) (Word Doc
A number of documents on this and other United Methodist websites are in Adobe Acrobat portable document format – pdf. For more information – and to download Adobe Reader (at no cost) if you do not already have it, link to
Forms that need to be filled out, such as the Pastor's Compensation Form, are interactive forms that can be filled out on the screen and edited, saved, printed and/or emailed as an attachment.
In Adobe Acrobat Reader, select the "hand" symbol and place it over the first field ("City and church name," in the case of the Pastor's Compensation Form). The cursor will change to a text-entry symbol and you can begin to add information.
You can tab from field to field.
Numerical fields are auto-formatted as dollars and cents after you have entered the information (i.e. type 12345 for $12,345.00). The sub-totals and totals of the lines are automatically calculated according to the information entered.
Signatures will need to be hand-written to a printed copy.
For further help in filling out this form, please refer to Adobe Reader Help.
For specific requirements please check with the Districts Administration Center at 916.374.1501 or, or with your District Office.
In addition:
(The 2010-2011 Charge Conference, Compensation, and Clergy Forms also are available under Forms on the Home Page. Just select "Charge Conference" as the type of form and click on "Search".)




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