Team Leaders

  1. TEAM LEADER: Apply to be a Team Leader! First-time team leaders need to fill out and submit the Team Leader Application form.
  2. TRAINING: Get trained.  All first time team leaders should take the one-day Team Leader Training Class. Repeat leaders are encouraged to take a refresher course every three years. Click here to see current class offerings.
  3. REGISTER YOUR MISSION TEAM: Once you've decided to lead a team and have chosen your destination, register your mission team by filling out the registration portion of the online UMVIM Mission Team Registration.  After your return, please fill out the UMVIM Post Mission Report, by clicking on the link. Please complete and submit it to the VIM office within 30 days of your return.
  4. BACKGROUND CHECKS: Make sure all your team members are current and cleared. Click here to read about and understand UMC policies regarding our responsibilities to protect children, youth, and vulnerable adults. 
  5. NOTARIZING YOUR FORMS: Only the death notice on International missions and all youth paperwork must be notarized. You will retain these forms so that you may act on behalf of your team member(s) in case of an accident. Copies of these forms should also be held in a secure location at your church while the team is traveling. These forms do not need to be sent to the UMVIM office.
  6. UMVIM INSURANCE: Make sure you and all your team members are properly insured. One of the “best practices” for all UMVIM team leaders and members is to secure accident insurance. Mission Volunteers/Global Ministries strongly urges that no UMVIM group of individual, regardless of the type of volunteer work they do, engage in any domestic or international mission volunteer work without insurance coverage. Several “hosting partners,” international and local, are being required that each UMVIM team or individual obtain insurance prior to beginning a mission experience. For In-state/In-Conference Missions, while purchase of supplemental UMVIM insurance is a good idea, it is okay to rely on the Confirmation of a team member's personal medical coverage. For Out-of-State/National and International Missions, purchase of UMVIM insurance is required. For explanation of available insurance options, go to WJ Insurance — UMVIM 

Steve Elliott
Conference Disaster Response & UMVIM Coordinator (Director)
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Jessie Conklin
Young People’s and Camping/Retreat Ministries and Disaster Response/Volunteers in Mission
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