Stats changes for 2017

Every 4 years, the statistical forms are revised.  The first thing you will notice is that most lines have been renumbered - but don't worry! It's not as different as it might seem.  Read on to see what's changed and what you might need to collect.

  • The web forms (but not the paper forms) now show the line explanations without needing to click ?.
  • The web forms now automatically calculate more fields for you.
  • Professions of Faith – lines 2a and 2b – are now split to indicate those who were received after confirmation.
  • If you have people who worship online (whether streaming, podcasts, sermon videos, or whatever), pay attention to line 7a where you can report this.
  • The Mission Engagement lines (20-23) are changed slightly to align with the UMC’s Four Areas of Focus.  Please see the example provided on the form and ask if you have questions.
  • Compensation and housing benefits for clergy (lines 41 and 42) are now split between Senior (or lead) Pastor, Associates and Deacons.  As a result, the housing allowances paid during 2016 do not appear on the paper or web forms.  Please ask if you have any questions on how to divide the amounts.
  • Line 51 (was 61) on table 3 is now described as “Number of giving units” – which was always the intention, but was not always interpreted as such.
  • Line 52d (was 62d) now includes any amounts transferred from liquid assets in addition to interest and dividends.
  • Churches who rent out parsonages and use the resulting income to pay a housing allowance will see some changes.
    • The former line 96 has moved to Table 3 as line 52f2.  Enter on this line the amount of parsonage rental income used to pay the housing allowance.  Please do not enter this on line 52f1 as well.  The sum of the two entries will be calculated automatically for you.
  • An additional calculated field has been added (line 52z) to show the amount that will be used when reporting tithe percentages paid.


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