Social Media Guidelines and Policies: Engage in civil and holy conferencing in a multi-media world

California-Nevada conference invests time and energy in Facebook and Twitter social media platforms because that is where the majority of our faith families engage in the digital public square.  These social media spaces have become our shared online town squares and we are present on these two platforms because they yield the highest impact for our messages and participation in our discourse, events and initiatives.

Our primary goal with respect to social media is community building and engagement.

We are working to build a two-way conversation throughout the conference.  

Rather than just broadcast, or send out, messages hoping they will somehow stick or have impact, we would like to talk about issues, ideas and items of interest with you.

Likes, comments, shares, re-tweets, follows and friends are all signs of growing community and building engagement.

We invest in shared spaces because we do this Christian journey together. We work together in ‘brick and mortar’ settings when we can gather in person and gather in digital spaces in those in between times to keep the work and connection, the continuity flowing.   

The time of pandemic has helped all of us adapt to almost exclusive digital gathering spaces, and it is more important than ever to understand how to participate effectively to advance the ministry of our conference and The United Methodist Church.

Regardless of our ability to connect in person, the California-Nevada Conference has several basic goals of our investment in social media which include being a resourcing partner by increasing awareness and engagement with:

  • California-Nevada Conference family and the work being done every day by the local churches, conference agencies and committees.   
  • The UMC general boards and agencies. 

  • The national and global church of The UMC as involved in ecumenical and interfaith organizations and non-governmental organizations as together, we work in mission to bring about the vision of the Beloved Community. 

It is simple to be welcomed as a valuable part of our digital community. It is a lot like being a part of any community where civil discourse is the governing principle: be respectful. 

  • do not comment to harm or judge, simply share your ideas and opinions;
  • do not slander anyone or any organization regardless of your personal feelings
  • do not share gossip, news that is salacious or derogatory
  • do not share/introduce spam

It is always helpful to remember that once you post something on social media it lives on the website forever as a part of your personal and professional identity.

Your conference office retains the right to determine social media behavior that is within and that conflicts with our engagement policy. The conference office has and reserves the right to remove those violations and to block aggressive users.

Constructive dialogue and disagreement are welcome when done within the bounds of civil discourse and holy conferencing.

If you have communications questions not answered on this page, please contact Selby Ewing, your Director of Communications:

Selby T. Ewing
Director of Communications
(916) 374-1529

Renee Tefft
Database Manager
(916) 374-1584