Committee on Reconciliation

The Conference Committee on Reconciliation is dedicated to the work of reconciliation among all persons of the United Methodist Church, regardless of age, gender, race, status, sexual orientation, theological perspective, or political affiliation.

We gather around a table of inclusion, to uplift the lives and ministries of all God's children, as we strive to help all persons understand their sacred worth in the eyes of God and the church through educational programming, annual events, and community networking.

Conference Committee on Reconciliation Members

John Oda, Chairperson
Helen Roland, Vice Chairperson
Dee Calvert
Carol Estes
John Foster
Rob Herrmann
Stephen Lee
Bruce Pettit
Robin Ridenour
Eileen Riesinger
Beth Snyder

For additional information on the work of the CA-NV Conference Committee on Reconciliation, please see: CA-NV Conference Committee on Reconciliation Brochure.



California-Nevada Conference
1350 Halyard Drive
West Sacramento, CA 95691
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