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Lord, help us to take on the mantle of extraordinary.  May we see the hidden benefits for everyone involved.  
Flo Harrison, 12/20/17
Lord, Make us one in you love!
Sungho Lee, 12/12/17
Dear God, You only want us to  love one another, 'everyone' just as you have loved us. Help us to remember that we only have time for love. Please hold our precious church family at large extra close this week. Sharon Warren
Sharon A. Warren, 12/01/17
Dear God:  may we pray for all Believers, earnestly and faithfully at this time of urgency in our church. May we pray and do as Nehemiah who asked great things of a great God after he heard of the terrible demise of the Jews when they returned to Jerusalem. Nehemiah 1:1-10.may we rely on him and open our eyes, Lord to the needs of this commission and help them become passionate and creative problem solvers who bless others, amen
, 01/02/18
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