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Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for your voice to be evident to me in every situation.  I pray for your wisdom and discernment to follow your calling and serve my family, school, community and a desire to care for all the resources you have given me.   I pray for all our leaders in all areas of our life as well as followers to come to you first lord in every decision that we make this year.  
Marta Rivas, 01/02/18
God Almighty, All-wise, and All-loving, Too often when I come to you in prayer I spend a lot of my words giving you advice, which you do not need, but which you tolerate because you love me and know that I usually mean well in my prayers.  As I pray for your UMC I believe that I can confidently pray for you to lead us into greater fruitfulness in our making of disciples; that you would lead us into new and old ways to reach more people and help your followers be more like Jesus.   I am less confident about how to pray for our Finding the Way Forward.  I don't know how things should turn out.  I don't know what you might have in store for the United Methodist Church, and whether we can retain the "U."  However, I believe that you can do amazing things without my advice, and so I ask for you to use this process of the church to further your kingdom and glory.  Help us to see how to cooperate with what you are doing.   As we go into wherever you take us, help us to love one another.  Help us to have more trust than fear.  Help us to put more energy into the work of the church than in worrying about the church. Thank you for hearing and responding to even our most faulty prayers. Amen  
Jim Garrison, Los Banos and Dos Palos UMCs, 01/02/18
As I begin this half-hour of intercessory prayer for the UMC - our witness, our fruitfulness, the people serving on theCommission on a Way Forward, I confess that sometimes I feel hopeless when I read social media posts by other members of the UMC.  It seems impossible that we could be reconciled to a path on which we can all walk with integrity.  And, as I stand facing this impossibility, I remember that in other impossible situations a sea parted, food provisions never ran dry, water sprung from a rock, walls tumbled, a shoot sprung from Jesse, a virgin conceived, tables were turned, people were fed, forgiveness was granted, redemption offered, hard hearts softened, brokenness healed.  With God, all things are possible.  Oh God, grant that we might be people of hope who expectantly await your leading, your intervention in our polarized ways of thinking, the new and amazing thing you will do among us - beyond our imaginations.  Thank you for the privilege of being your people.  Help us to be faithful in this calling. I praying in the name of Jesus our Savior, the one we follow. Amen.
Debra Brady, Central Valley District Superintedent, 01/01/18
Eternal God, Grant us gratitude enough to look backward and be thankful; courage enough to look forward and be hopeful; faith enough to look upward and be humble; kindness enough to look outward and be helpful. Amen (a prayer written for use during the Jewish New Year)
Cynthia McCarthy, 01/01/18
My prayer today, Lord, is that you lead us to lay down all of the trappings of human-contrived ritual and restriction. Open our hearts to the way that you actually want us to live, as one in the spirit. Let love break down these walls and let us remember that you abide in each of us. Amen.
Vicki Daughtry, 01/01/18
May the joy of the Lord be our joy and confidence as we pray our way forward this week   Amen
Chris McAnally, 01/01/18
Dear Lord, May our prayers and our listenings be a reflection of You.  May we see each other as Your children, and may we learn to get along in grace.  We ask boldly for the unfolding which is in front of us to be a discovery of Kindness and Caring for each other.   We pray for our leaders that they will be listening to each other, but most of all, to You.   In the beautiful name of Jesus, we pray. Amen and Yes.  
JoAnne (Jo) Neish, 01/01/18
Dear Gracious and Loving God, may we be united in love and compassion. Guide us to do your will and keep spreading your word to the world. Amen
Kimi Ronay, 12/31/17
God, Thank you for this opportunity to pray individually and collectively. Guide us and keep us close to your love no matter what. May our hearts open where they are closed. May we be patient and compassionate with one another. There is such deep need on our planet and in our individual lives. Thank you for this larger community that is praying together. May your will be done.
Linda Culpepper, 12/31/17
For the life and ministry of Elizabeth Brick in showing the love of God for all people, I thank and praise God. May her example of the Spirit-filled life lead others to the same great Love.
Jim Eychaner, 12/30/17
God of Radical Compassion, help us to see how to live out the love of Jesus.  You who make possible things we consider impossible, heal our brokenness and empower us in our limitations. 
Judy Shook, 12/30/17
Lord, Hear my prayer in bringing all people of the UMC together under one roof of equality and love. 
Mara, 12/30/17
Almighty and gracious God, we thank you for the gift of your Son and the gift of your Holy Word.  Help us Lord to be focused on both of these gifts as we pray.  Help us to be more concerned with your will than our own desires.  Help us to pray the prayer that never fails, "Thy Will be Done."
Pauline Bowen, 12/30/17
As I prepare for our conference time to pray our way forward I am convinced that our prayers do matter and I pray that our hearts and minds will be guided by the extravagant love of God, the sacrificial love of Christ Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.
Rev. Linda Caldwell, 12/29/17
Lord, Pour out a spirit of unity and power upon us as your people.   Grant us vision to see many perspectives.  Grant us compassion to feel what others are feeling, and in all things we pray, illumine our path so that we might walk with Jesus on this journey.  In his name we pray,  AMEN.
Schuyler Rhodes, 12/28/17
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