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Prayer with Psalm 121:1, "I lift up my eyes to the hills-from where will my help come? My help comes from the Lord." Prayers for our brothers and sisters on the frontline, doctors, nurses , medical staff serving/caring for the infected ones. Our lament demonstrates our humility to your love & grace. Emmanuel. Amen.
Fel Cao, 03/31/20
Today, may I see my own toes and smile. Today, may I listen to my own voice and giggle. Today, let me feel my surroundings in a new way. Oh, God, allow me to be fully human and be o.k. with that. Oh, God, show me ways to reach out to others today--to accept and love and be.
JB Brayfindley, 03/24/20
Dear Lord God, Looking out at the sunset I find myself at the end of another day, another gift from you. Please sustain all of us with the peace of a wonderful night's rest so that we may wake restored to once again seek your voice, that still small yet powerful presence, that anchors our lives. In Jesus' name, amen.
Selby Ewing, 03/20/20