Welcome to the Ordained Ministry

The Ordained Ministry has primary responsibility within the Annual Conference for enlistment, recruitment and preparation of ordained clergy; and for the connectional and collegial relationships among clergy.
We are happy to provide information and assistance with all aspects of clergy preparation, Conference relationships, continuing education and matters pertaining to ordination.
The Ministry has been actively involved, with the Bishop and Cabinet, in generating, distributing and implementing a new description of Transformational Clergy Leaders of the California-Nevada Annual Conference, which, since July 1, 2007, is the statement of qualities that the Conference will use in recruiting, training and evaluating clergy and candidates for ordination. We hope and believe that this statement will become part of our culture and language in the California-Nevada Annual Conference, as we develop lay and clergy leaders who will revitalize, inspire and extend Christian life and mission into new communities of faith within and beyond existing churches.

Transformational Clergy Leaders
of the California-Nevada Annual Conference

(Approved by the Bishop, Cabinet, and BOOM Executive Committee Feb. 7, 2007
Approved by the Board of Ordained Ministry April 17, 2007)
We are one body in Christ. We are also a body of diverse peoples, geographies and cultures, serving a mission that is different at this time than at other times. The need of the California-Nevada Annual Conference at this time is for transformational leaders who will revitalize, inspire and extend Christian life and mission into new communities of faith within and beyond existing churches.

Transformational Clergy Leaders

  1. Are persons of spiritual depth, character and integrity who:
    1. Are grounded in a relationship with Jesus Christ that is growing in vitality and depth
    2. Are bold, passionate and decisive about the invitation of all into Christ’s church
    3. Demonstrate compassion for the poor, the lost, and the marginalized
    4. Have a healthy self-knowledge and a disciplined inner life
    5. Are committed to their own life-long learning and growth
    6. Are willing to be held accountable
    7. Are willing to take risks and persevere with grace through hardship and opposition
  1. Are persons who demonstrate leadership by:
    1. Creating an environment that invites a deepening relationship with Jesus Christ through worship, community and spiritual practice
    2. Articulating and interpreting God’s movement in the life of the faith community
    3. Encouraging creative and strategic thinking about integrating Christ’s mission into the life of the larger community
    4. Proclaiming God’s good news for creation with passion and inspiration
    5. Building collaborative relationships
    6. Equipping others for leadership and ministry
    7. Modeling and inviting commitment to spiritual formation and disciplines
    8. Celebrating diversity and modeling cross-cultural competence
  1. Are persons who bear fruit by leading communities of faith that are:
    1. Intentional about making disciples of Jesus Christ
    2. Focused on spiritual formation
    3. Centers of eager invitation and welcome
    4. Increasingly integrating faith into their daily lives and value systems
    5. Effectively engaged in inspiring, equipping and sending disciples into service in the world

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When In Doubt, Who to Ask

Processes Handled by the Ordained Ministry
Candidacy Elizabeth Brick
Professional Certification Dorothy Straks
Diaconal Ministers Susan Grace Smith
Deacon Track Dorothy Straks & Susan Grace Smith
Elder Track Elizabeth Brick
The Journey Process Carl Thomas
Local Pastors  
Licensing School Information Dorothy Straks
Course of Study Information Dorothy Straks
MIP Guides Jennifer Irvine-Goto
Candidacy Mentors Jennifer Irvine-Goto
Local Pastor Mentors Jennifer Irvine-Goto
Probationary Mentors Jennifer Irvine-Goto & Kathy LaPoint-Collup

District Committees on
Ordained Ministry:

BOOM District Chairs Representative:
Linda Loessberg-Zahl


Bridges District: Judith Stone & Mark Zier

Central Valley District: David Bennett

El Camino Real District: Allen Yan-Chamberlin

Great Northern District, East: Barbara Smith &
Glen Raley

Great Northern District, West: Christine Haynes &
Carol Layton

 Scholarships to Attend Seminary  Don Lee
 Continuing Education Grants  Don Lee
 Financial Assistance for Counseling  Don Lee
 Course of Study Grants  Don Lee
 Licensing School Grants  Don Lee
 Sabbatical Leave  Kathy LaPoint-Collup
 Leaves of Absences (all types):
 Going on & coming off
 Walter Grubbs
 Less Than Full-Time (LFT)  Walter Grubbs
 Honorable Location  Walter Grubbs
 Appointments to Extension
 Ministry (ATEM)
 Walter Grubbs
 General Process or other questions  Kathi McShane
 Order of Associate Members &
 Local Pastors
 Order of Deacons  Susan Grace Smith
 Order of Elders  Sifa Hingano
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