Witnessing the dream come true

March 16, 2023 | by Kalesita Fa'asisila

Witnessing the dream come true

“Malo e lelei everyone, good evening”, greeted by the Bay District Superintendent, Rev. Staci Current as she entered the virtual classroom for the last session of “Spiritual Gifts”. Though she was the guest of the Lay Servant Ministry course in Tongan, the students and clergy of California Nevada Conference was familiar with her presence. She is often a guest at Tongan community church festivities and celebrations, and have been seen at funerals too. The Bay District Superintendent entered the classroom with joy and excitement. She was happy to see familiar faces in the students as well as for the team clergy. Her presence brought in the warmth of the Holy Spirit as the class welcomed her.

Rev. Sifa Hingano introduced his current District Superintendent Rev. Staci as a “sister”, as he often does when she visits the Tongan communities. But this introduction was extra special. This was a virtual classroom in the Tongan language for Lay Servant Ministry courses. “This is a dream come true to be able to have these Lay Servant classes in different languages to where we can fully embrace all our brothers and sisters in our diversity. And be able to sharpen our skills and become better witnesses for Jesus”, says DS Staci. Jokingly, she shared how she loved the JETS and how she will someday take up Rev. Sifa’s nudging to visit Tonga.

Lay Ministry in Tongan wrapped up its fifth session of the “Spiritual Gifts” on February 28, 2023, then concluded the evening with the Closing Worship. DS Staci Current provided words of affirmation and blessing for the students and the program. We thank the Bay District Superintendent for her grace in opening her valuable time to us in the Closing Worship despite her busy schedules. DS Staci’s presence was warmly felt and perhaps she may not realize it, but it was gold. For, the DS serves the largest district of the Tongan communities. She has seen and felt the impact of the ups and downs of the communities. Thus, her prayers for the class in reassurance, “May the light of Jesus Christ light, shine so brightly in them, that others might see it and come to know you through their witness.” Thank you, sister DS, Rev. Staci Current for your services and ministry. We wish you abundance blessings as you transition from your current role into the next.

Finally, we congratulate the students and instructors for journeying together and sharing call stories in this ministry. May you continue to find, discern, and discover your spiritual gifts. Our continual thanks to Leadership Development Director, Dr. Mary Cheng and your team for the support from the Conference.

Stay tuned for the registration link to be posted up for the next class…UM Polity.

Kalesita Fa'asisila is a member of the Bay District United Women in Faith and is on the Lay Leadership track in California-Nevada. She serves as the Secretary for the LSM Tongan program and is the Dean of UWF Mission u 2023.