Act Now to help our communities become vaccinated!

May 27, 2021 | by Admin

Act Now to help our communities become vaccinated!

There is a large supply of vaccines across California and Nevada and yet many people are not willing to get vaccinated. The COVID-19 Task Force of the California Department of Health is working to get COVID vaccinations into as many arms as possible, especially as the state prepares to open on June 15. Nevada is also working to vaccinate as many people as possible and we can be a part of helping both states grow the number of people who are protected against the virus.

Many people are hesitant to receive the vaccine because of misinformation  and/or historical mistrust with the US medical system and healthcare providers. As faith leaders across California and Nevada you have the trust of your community through years of ministry and are in a position to help people understand the importance of becoming vaccinated, dispel the many myths around the vaccine hazards and even offer your church buildings as locations for temporary or pop-up vaccine clinics. 

Nevada faith family, please click here for the most up to date vaccination resources and COVID-19 protocols.

California faith family, here are a series of links and resources to help our faith family carry the message of Vaccinate All 58 to our communities

Application form to host a vaccination pop-up clinic:

·         Briefing slide deck is attached. Please feel free to share with your networks.

·         Current statewide guidance for places of worship and cultural ceremonies:

·         Free state-approved materials and toolkits you can use to help educate your community: (available in eight languages)

·         Resource toolkits for media: 

  • Common COVID-19 vaccine myths fact sheet is attached

·         Vaccine appointments:

·         Report mis/dis-information at 

·         Sign up for our VA 58 Newsletter: Click Here  

Thanks to each of you for exploring ways to help our communities combat COVID-19 by helping folks have access to information and vaccines!

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