Updates and Resources for Jurisdictional Trial

September 15, 2023 | by Selby Ewing

Updates and Resources for Jurisdictional Trial

The Jurisdictional Trial in which Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño is the respondent will begin on Tuesday 19th. It will take place at the headquarters of Wespath, the pension and benefit provider for The United Methodist church, located Glenview, IL, a suburb of Chicago.
As we move through the week ahead, let us hold the trial proceedings and all those involved, in our prayers. A Just Resolution agreement remains possible throughout the trial process.
"It is our moral responsibility to hold one another in grace and respect the process throughout the trial and beyond, regardless of the outcome," said Interim Bishop Sally Dyck." Since I began my time with California-Nevada, I have asked all of you to keep your eyes focused on our mission.  Now is the time to truly live out our vision — Following Jesus, Thriving in Community, Healing the World—while serving side by side with one another even in our differences. Remember that God is with us and through the grace of God we humbly walk together and give witness to the depth and maturity of our faith in the days and months to come." UMNews will be providing livestream coverage and updates as the proceedings continue. Folks will need to register here to watch the livestream, and other coverage and updates will be provided on the UMNews website. Click here to access a FAQ that summarizes some details and background information around the coming trial. Click here to read the final update preceding the trial.

Selby Ewing is Director of Communications at the California-Nevada Conference of The United Methodist Church.

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