MissionInsight November webinars

October 27, 2022 | by Amanda Garcia

MissionInsight November webinars

MissionInsight is a cloud-based technology platform that allows users to view churches, people & communities.

With the tools that MissionInsight provides, you can create reports based off many different demographics.  MissionInsight reveals insights about the community around you, so you can move from data to decisions.

We recommend this training for those that want to use this platform in all of its functionality to better help you see the demographics that can help you to engage in your communities. Anyone within our conference can have access to MissionInsight. Go to MissionInsight.com and create an account using our conference ID: 3f81x.  Once you have set your account, email me at amandag@calnevumc.org and I will do the final access approvals.  Need help setting up your account, or have additional questions? Call me at 615 374-1526, or email me at amandag@calnevumc.org.

Ministry Impact Webinar | American Beliefs Study Report: Meeting Community Needs
November 1, 2pm ET
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Have Americans changed their views on social and moral issues over the past few years? Are families in the front of people’s minds? What is the importance of personal faith in our current culture? What do people believe about God, about Jesus? How important is the role of the church in addressing these essential faith questions? What does this study suggest that people need from a faith community today? This webinar is for everyone interested in engaging their community more effectively by understanding the current beliefs of their neighbors in a changing world. Discovering today’s current social and moral attitudes as well as the importance of faith in our culture, should significantly impact the ministries in your church!

MissionInsite Beginnings: Building Your Toolbox for Using MissionInsite
November 10, 11am ET
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MissionInsite is a powerful software tool that reveals insights about your community to help your ministry move from data to decisions. In this session we will learn the basic interface and tools found in MissionInsite. We will look at the toolbars and learn how to navigate the system.

American Beliefs Study: Understanding Our Communities
November 10, 2pm ET 
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Our culture is changing dramatically, so what does this mean for churches in America? This webinar will provide insight into incredibly significant questions facing every Christian leader. Is faith still important in American life? If so, do people connect their personal faith with church attendance? Are the elements of “good old-time religion” and traditional Christian beliefs still central to Christian faith today? How do people feel about the church and its impact in the community? Is the Church really making a difference? What life concerns are on the minds of people today? This webinar is for anyone who is interested in understanding the changing faith community and how answering essential faith questions must impact mission and ministries in your church.

MissionInsite Beginnings: Who and Where Are We Looking?
November 22, 11am ET 
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Are we looking for congregants, community, or both? Creating shapes will help us know where to look! Join us as we discover this important part in successfully using MissionInsite.

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Amanda Garcia serves as the Sr. Administrative Assistant for California-Nevada offices of Leadership Development and Congregational Development.