Unrelenting Grace: A United Methodist way of life by Bishop Kenneth Carter

February 23, 2023 | by Brian Milford

Unrelenting Grace: A United Methodist way of life by Bishop Kenneth Carter

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Through the encouragement of the Holy Spirit, the people called United Methodists continue to sustain worship, edify disciples, and repair the world. Leaders in United Methodist churches are innovating, adapting, and ordering ministries of evangelism, social witness, and Christian formation.

Our work has been and continues to be fraught and very demanding. Myriad disruptions of social and economic stability, debates about essential teachings, and the press for disaffiliations are challenging and disheartening. Local churches experience divisions, disappointment, uncertainty, and grief. Naming these struggles and pain is important, and equally important is providing a hopeful and inspiring vision for how we move forward.

Kenneth H. Carter, the Resident Bishop of Western North Carolina and past President of the Council of Bishops, offers a brief book that will help. It serves as a useful guide for congregations, individuals, and leaders, which is deeply rooted in our Wesleyan legacy. In Unrelenting Grace: A United Methodist Way of Life, Ken Carter reminds us that God is with us, we are not alone, and God’s grace is sufficient for the adventures ahead in discipleship and mission.

Unrelenting Grace is a four-part study that helps United Methodists rediscover the core Wesleyan values of grace, holiness, and connection. We see the reality of the grace that saves and sustains us, and live into personal and social holiness that brings us closer to God. As we receive and share love, we experience with thanksgiving and confidence our own healing and the healing of our congregations, denomination, and the world.
The book prompts individual reading and group conversations in four parts:

  1. Unrelenting grace as God’s gift to us;
  2. Unrelenting grace that connects us to each other;
  3. Unrelenting grace as God’s way of life in the world;
  4. Unrelenting grace that heals our bodies (churches).

This highly accessible volume is particularly pertinent to many who feel estranged from God, are fearful and disappointed, or are suspicious and angry with others. It will stimulate group reading, study, and discussions for laity and clergy. To encourage sharing the book with as many as possible, we’ve enclosed information about opportunities for pre-publication quantity orders and special discounts.

Unrelenting Grace: A United Methodist Way of Life by Bishop Kenneth Carter is a timely way to reaffirm core United Methodist convictions and practices as we claim our heritage and follow God’s leading. We are lifted by grace, perfected by love, and bound by our connection to each other and the world. I commend its contents to your reading, reflection, and prayer.

Brian Milford serves as the President and Publisher for United Methodist Publishing House.