California-Nevada Conference Endowment Board: Since 1891 – Enduring and protecting

November 19, 2020 | by Jenny Copello

California-Nevada Conference Endowment Board: Since 1891 – Enduring and protecting

The Endowment Board (also known as The Conference Claimants’ Endowment Board) has long played a vital role in the financial security of the retired clergy and spouses of the CA/NV Annual Conference. Via pre-82 pension contributions, healthcare cost assistance, healthcare subsidies, and events and services that promote engagement and connectivity amongst retirees, The Endowment Board has been a pillar of stability since 1891.  

The Board would like to share with the members of the CA/NV Conference a simplistic infographic that depicts who The Endowment Board supports and our history and structure. The organization is pleased to present this new informational piece and hopes it will be shared within the churches and create a better understanding of the mission it’s been fulfilling for 130 years.

While working on the infographic, The Endowment Board collaborated with RCA and CBOP and created a second document in the spirit of helping the retired clergy called “Planning for your Beneficiaries.” In a joint effort, this planning document was born and serves as a courtesy to the family, loved ones, or caregivers of the retirees to help them manage their most treasured wishes.  It is not a legally binding document, but an organizer of all-important information including but not limited to finances.

The link to download the document can be found on The Endowment Board’s website, or by clicking here:  

Attachments: ic 11 19 endow.pdf

Jenny Copello serves as the Development Coordinator and Executive Assistant for The Endowment Board.