Native American Ministries Sunday is May 1: Text to Give!

April 28, 2022 | by Admin

Native American Ministries Sunday is May 1: Text to Give!

May 1st is Native American Ministries Sunday and we encourage everyone across our faith family in California-Nevada to give generously to support Native American ministries across our conference and throughout the US. 

But why wait until May 1st?

You may give now, and often by using the conference Text-2-Give. Simply text NATAM to 916 238 6854.

The work of ministry in the Native American community is supported and guided by our Committee on Native American Ministry (CONAM). CONAM assists the annual conference in:

  • establishing new churches and faith communities.
  • advocating for inclusion of Native American United Methodists to serve at all levels of the church.
  • determining the distribution of the Native American Ministries Sunday offering and coordinating the promotion of Native American Ministries Sunday.
  • monitoring Native American ministries within the annual conference.
  • offering the gifts of the Native American Community to the annual conference.
  • developing and supporting new and existing Native American churches and faith communities.
  • identifying, promoting, and supporting the development of Native American clergy and lay leadership.

There are many resources to help your church promote giving for Native American Sunday:
  • Click here to access a short 20 second giving promo video for our conference CONAM.
  • Click here to see a video about the work of our conference CONAM. 
  • Click here to access the CONAM web page on the conference website.
  • Click here to access an earlier article entitled What is Native American Ministries Sunday?
  • Click here to access Who Made That? Featuring Native American / Indigenous inventors.
  • Click here for pastor and leader kits on ResourceUMC.
Our Native American siblings are an essential part of ministry in California-Nevada.  Show your support and solidarity by giving now and often to Native American Ministries Sunday.