Summer Learning Cafe

August 31, 2017 | by


First United Methodist Church of Vallejo hosted a Summer Learning Cafe where many community children and youth came to join with children of the church. Mornings began with breakfast and conversation about the body and nutrition. There were also sessions on anti-bullying, and self-affirmation sessions presented by Vallejo Police, plus classes in music, art, HulaHoops, kite-making and chess.  The student's lunch was provided by the Vallejo Unified School District. During the afternoon sessions, there was animal yoga, an instrumental chorus with the students, math enrichment, read-a-loud and listen classes, puzzles, and games. Students did art projects with a t-shirt and visor to prepare for their trip to Six Flags Amusement Park on the last day of the program. There were fourteen teachers who volunteered their time.