Pastoral message from Bishop Sally Dyck

October 27, 2022 | by Bishop Sally Dyck

Pastoral message from Bishop Sally Dyck

Dear Friends and Members of the California-Nevada Conference,

Many of you may know that the Judicial Council ruled not to consider the appeal which was submitted by Bishop Carcaño earlier this year. In Judicial Council Memorandum 1450, the Judicial Council decided in a 5/4 vote that given the process to date, the appeal was improperly timed and not within their jurisdiction to consider.

In an article entitled Church court declines to take up bishop's case, UMNews reporter Heather Hahn unpacks the Judicial Council decision and dissenting opinions.

During the appeal, the Western Jurisdiction process set in motion by the complaints against Bishop Carcaño was paused until the Council delivered a ruling. Now that we have the ruling, the process of working toward a just resolution for Bishop Carcaño and the those that filed the complaints will resume at the Western Jurisdiction level. 

You have all been in my prayers as you have continued to keep you focus on the mission of this annual conference and your local churches during this time.  It has been a time of uncertainty in many ways as we have walked together without knowing so much about this situation that has affected us all.  It has been my privilege to serve with you as your interim bishop.  

As we move toward jurisdictional conference, know that you will be in my prayers and may we all continue to keep our focus on our shared mission.  Please keep this annual conference in your prayers throughout November and the upcoming Advent season.


Bishop Sally Dyck is currently serving the California-Nevada conference as Interim Bishop and as the Ecumenical Officer for the Council of Bishops. She is a retired bishop of The United Methodist Church, having served from 2004-2020.

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