Palestine Task Force monthly meeting with Rev. Alex Awad

October 27, 2022 | by Patricia Daughtery

Palestine Task Force monthly meeting with Rev. Alex Awad

The Israel-Palestine Task Force invites you to join its monthly meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 2 @ 10am, which will feature a conversation with Rev, Dr. Alex Awad who will be discussing how people of faith can show up for Palestinian Human Rights during difficult times. 

Rev. Awad, a Palestinian Christian, was born and raised in Jerusalem. He attended college in the U.S. culminating with an MA in Missions and Evangelism (1989) from Asbury Theological Seminary. Rev. Awad and his wife Brenda are retired United Methodist missionaries. Rev. Awad has authored numerous articles and two books: Through the Eyes of the Victims and Palestinian Memories. Both books reveal the realities of life under Israeli military occupation

With his long experience, grounding in Palestinian liberation theology, and deep understanding of the facts on the ground in Palestine, Rev. Awad can give an enlightened analysis of whatever current emergency faces Palestinians. His interests include recent attacks on Palestinian liberation efforts, including Israeli attempts to criminalize the Palestinian call for boycott and divestment (BDS); Israel´s labeling of six civil society organizations advocating for Palestinian human rights as “terrorist” organizations, as well as subsequent attacks on these same organizations, and how to address Christian Zionism within our congregations and encourage deeper theological interpretation and ethical understanding of the situation.

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Patricia Daughtery is a member of the Conference Committee on Advocacy and Justice and serves on the Conference Task Force on the Criminalization of Children.