Mort, the snail, goes to Western Jurisdiction Special Session

July 29, 2021 | by JB Brayfindley,Mort The Snail

Mort, the snail, goes to Western Jurisdiction Special Session

(Editor’s Note: Mort, the Snail, often reports on UMC activities to inform young and old alike on what it’s like to be a kid learning about our church and faith. Since Mort is a slow talker, writing is a more effective way to share reflections and thoughts. Today, Mort shares about the July 17 Special Session of the Western Jurisdiction Conference (WJC) held to approve the voluntary retirement of Bishop Bob Hoshibata and to review reports on updating the jurisdiction’s mission statement, the need for greater collaboration across boundaries, and the role of bishops.

In addition to the article, Mort contributed a video report. Click here to access the video report which
 highlights the 6 1/2 hour event in 6 1/2 minutes with Mort's talkative sidekick Lamb-see-do. . 

I got to see bishops today! I like bishops. Lamb-see-do says they are “e-pis-co-vial” or something. I think that is cool. I want to be a bishop someday and say that word.

I got to go to a zoom conference. Lamb-see-do says it was special. And it was! She said it was a western but I didn’t see any cowboys or horses. So, I didn’t believe that. She said it was a “juris-diction.” I don’t know what “juris-diction” is but it seems to be a good place because one of the bishops told us that everyone had a home there and no one would ever be left out.

All the bishops prayed for me and everybody and asked us to love even when it is hard. Sometimes Lamb-see-do is hard to love when she doesn’t listen to my ideas. She likes to talk instead. I’m glad the bishops prayed for me AND her.

We got to sing songs and dance a lot! There was even a flute player! I like flutes. I want to play the flute. I know how to play a harmonica. Do bishops play harmonica?

One of the bishops got to retire! He was so happy! People around him were so happy they threw socks at him! I want to throw socks, too. I don’t have any socks. I need socks. I will look in Lamb-see-do’s room, she has lots of socks!

I got to listen to Bishop Carcaño! She is MY bishop. So, she didn’t mind when I got hungry and ate some celery. I like celery. I wonder if she likes celery?

There were some reports but they weren’t graded like a school test. People just read them out loud. My stomach growled so I ate a banana and some chips. I like bananas. I wonder if bishops eat bananas?

All of a sudden, my computer screen froze and everyone left. Lamb-see-do said it was not frozen. They had voted to have a “closed session” time and everyone went to their room. We did not have a room because everything was closed, so we took a nap right where we were. I like naps! I wonder if bishops like naps?

Everyone started talking again and we woke up. We heard reports about reports. There were a lot of reports. I went to get some water and when I got back they were voting! I like voting. When I am a bishop, I will vote all the time.

More music time! There was even a song sung by kids! I danced a lot! Lamb-see-do said she liked the words because they were about how we can love one another. She said that love, not hate, should be “ord-i-nary.” Lamb-see-do says “ord-i-nary” means normal. I want love to be ord-i-nary, too.

The bishops think so, too. They said that our juris-diction is going to be the place where love lives. Bishops are smart. I’m glad we have bishops!

And you know how the meeting ended? A bishop slammed down a big wood hammer and said, “Amen!” That was coolest part! Bishops are cool. I want to be a bishop!


JB Brayfindley is a freelance journalist.
Mort is a dear friend of JB Brayfindley and a new contributor to the Instant Connection