Mission Connection: California-Nevada UMVIM shares stories of mission service

July 01, 2021 | by Sunae Cho

Mission Connection: California-Nevada UMVIM shares stories of mission service

We are so grateful for the continued outreach of our many congregations over the past year. The pandemic did not deter churches from living their faith through feeding those who needed a meal, addressing social justice and assisting with immigration challenges, among other needs.

As it becomes safer to travel and engage in other types of mission opportunities, we encourage you to begin to consider ways to expand our reach. Attached is one of our new ways to extend this invitation, The Mission Connection, the new newsletter of our conference UMVIM program (United Methodist Volunteers in Mission). Each month, The Mission Connection will highlight news and ways to engage in missions.

In addition, your Mission Service Committee will periodically highlight other outreach programs. This month we would like to share the First UMC Salinas’ Neighborhood Services Center for the homeless and working poor in the area. Click here to access an article on the conference website about this exciting grassroots effort. 

Lastly if you would like to share your mission project and stories with our conference, please send your article along with a few pictures to my email: sunae.cho@cnumc.org and we will share them in the July issue of Mission Connection.  

Here is your July issue of Mission Connection: The Mission Connection Newsletter July 2021

Sunae Cho serves on the Conference Committee on Mission Service.