Opportunity: Board of Ordained Ministry seeking Ministry Assessment Specialists

October 29, 2020 | by Kathy La Point-Collup

Opportunity: Board of Ordained Ministry seeking Ministry Assessment Specialists

The Board of Ordained Ministry is looking for qualified persons to serve as our Ministry Assessment Specialists (MAS) for the Licensing and Ordination process for our Annual Conference.

Each MAS works with Candidates in the process to interpret the psychological tests they have taken and to write a report for their District Committee on Ordained Ministry. There is a set fee paid to the MAS by the Candidate or the Candidate’s local church. The qualifications for this position are outlined below. We are particularly interested in applicants who reflect the ethnic and cultural diversity of our Annual Conference.

Criteria for an approved MAS includes three primary competencies:

1.Psychological Assessment – a psychologist with specific training and experience in personality and vocational assessment, including test theory and construction, administration, scoring and interpretation

2.Interview Assessment – a psychotherapist with graduate training in personality theory and psychotherapy, including experience in the application of clinical evaluative skills to vocational or personnel selection and evaluation.

3.Ministry Assessment – a person who values church and religious experience, and is familiar with ministry issues as they apply to the selection and nurture of candidates in The United Methodist Church.

An MAS demonstrates knowledge of:

1.Technical assessment issues (e.g., how ministry candidates score differently from other norm groups on the instruments the DOM provides)

2.Evaluatory criteria (e.g., how the criteria used in the decision-making processes – in ministry generally and the UMC in particular – are different from criteria in other selection contexts)

3.Effective interviewing (e.g., how to interpret test results in ways that relate to the ministry context, balancing agendas of nurture and selection)

4.Effective report-writing (e.g., how best to convey assessment information to both candidate and board/committee, who are typically non-clinicians) The knowledge, experience and credentials described above are to be demonstrated in the psychological assessment process at appropriate points.

All three competencies must be present in a Ministerial Assessment. In order to maintain their approved status, Ministerial Assessment Specialists must remain in good standing with the professional

associations appropriate to their credentials. The MAS approval also involves participation in DOM training events. The MAS approval must be renewed on a quadrennial basis and is subject to review at any time, at the discretion of the DOM.

For more information and to apply for one of this positions contact:

Hyesung Lee, Dean District Chairs Cell: 925-303-9330 Email: hslee3@gmail.com or Kathy La Point-Collup, Chair Order of Elders Cell: 916-690-2321 kflc@aol.com

Kathy La Point-Collup is the coordinator of Clergy Boundary Training and serves as the pastor for Asbury UMC in Livermore, CA.