Lay Servant Ministries see unprecedented growth: Register for new courses today

December 01, 2022 | by Admin

Lay Servant Ministries see unprecedented growth: Register for new courses today

Lay Servant Ministries (LSM) is a training program for everyday people to step up their service within the church across our conference. It is one of the fastest growing program in California-Nevada, due in large part to our emphasis on clergy-laity partnerships. Many have been inspired to follow a personal calling and explore the many ways that calling might take shape.

Lay Servant Ministries equip people with training and accreditation to work within The United Methodist Church alongside clergy, and often, to fill the leadership gap in church and community settings when clergy are not available. 

Lay servants are disciples of Christ who express their faith in service in three main areas: leading, caring, and communicating. Lay servants lead in many different ways. In all they do, they provide a caring presence, and they respond to God’s call to share the good news of Jesus with others by communicating. The Book of Discipline (2016), para. 128 describes this call to serve: “all Christians are called to minister wherever Christ would have them serve and witness in deeds and words that heal and free.”  

“Lay servant ministries both within the local church and beyond is one of the best systems for disciple-making that United Methodists have because it is all about nurture, outreach and witness through its tenets of leading, caring, and communicating. Any church that engages in an effective program of lay servant ministries will become more vital and fruitful because it equips and empowers the laity for ministry in partnership with the clergy. Such partnership is essential to the fulfillment of the mission of the church.” P. 13, Lay Servant Ministries, 2017-2020.

The LSM Course Schedule has a new look. In addition to the courses for lay servant and lay speaking preparation, there are three new courses:

  1. Introduction to Congregational Care for lay servants who wish to develop foundational knowledge and skills in walking with people experiencing pain, grief, and loss
  2. Advanced Preaching for those who wish to dig deeper into sermon preparation and develop their preaching skills
  3. Accountable Discipleship that covers a foundational understanding of Wesleyan discipleship
If you are 35 and younger, the Basic LSM course for Young Adults is taught by young adult pastors is a great starting place. Anyone 35 and under can participate in this class. 

Click here to see the course schedules for December 2022 and for 2023.