Los Rios UWF plant seeds at their district annual meeting

September 22, 2022 | by Admin

Los Rios UWF plant seeds at their district annual meeting

The Los Rios UWF met for a virtual annual celebration on Saturday September 17th from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.  The event included a time for devotion and spiritual centering, installation of officers, a time of thanks for outgoing district president Adi Nabou and concluded with the business meeting.
The Rev. Motoe Yamada-Foor was the featured speaker and preached on Planting Seeds for the Harvest – Galatians 6:1-10.
She shared about her growing up in Japan and the daughter of a Zen Buddhist monk and recalled the many people who planted seeds in her for the journey. Rev. Motoe also shared an example of a UWF member in Toledo, Ohio gave care packages for students at Christmas – something that planted another seed in Motoe, who was an international student at the time.
Rev. Motoe shared, “We may not see the seeds which we plant, but God will take care of them, and God will make them fruitful in God’s time.  So, all through difficult situations, let us continue to plant seeds for the harvest!!!

Los Rios UWF current President Adi Nabou said, “I’m filled with grace. Rev. Motoe's message was knitted right into my heart. It touched me thinking hard putting myself in her shoes a foreigner in a strange land. It’s really a challenge and sparks the truth of the Gospel Jesus Christ is Our Lord and Savior.”

President Adi's address is attached to this article.

Veronica Qarau, incoming President for 2023 shared, "It sure was a great celebration with Rev. Motoe.  She imparted into our spirits a deeper desire to extend our “boundaries” and move with the Holy Spirit for God’s glory. We are embarking on a new season and I know everyone, not only our leadership team , but all who were present,  are ready to “plant seeds”.
The group split into breakout sessions to consider:  

  • When was the time you felt someone planted seeds in you?
  • When was the time you planned seeds in someone?
  • What do you want to do this month to plan seeds for the harvest/future?
Board member Shigeko Shibata shared, “ What a wonderful realization of planting a seed and it's impact on so many of us.  Being a part of the United Women of Faith brings a sense of fellowship and touches all of our hearts.”
Rev. Motoe installed the following slate of officers for 2023: President:  Veronica Qarau, Treasurer – Karen Ray, Secretary – Shigeko Shibata, Communication – Linda Schade, Secretary Program Resources – Maria Morton, MC Member, Nurture & Outreach – Maraia Gonelevu, MC Education & Interpretation – Silivia Kasaimatuku, MC Spiritual Growth – Rosa Washington-Olson, MC Social Action – Connie Matthew-Warren, Nomination Chair – Alice Lakin,  Nomination, Webinar Zoom – Jan Mathis, Nomination – Mere Kuru.


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