UM History Hub offers perspective for this time

May 05, 2022 | by

UM History Hub offers perspective for this time

It is a complex time within The United Methodist Church and given our history, that says a lot.

As we try and keep abreast of the latest updates from Judicial Council, The Council of Bishops, our own jurisdiction and conferences, perhaps it is a perfect time to take a step back and examine our history. Through the many iterations of what is now the UMC, people faced difficult questions, had to live in tension with differing opinions and find a way forward. 

The General Commission on Archives and History has aggregated resources on our Methodist history at the UM History Hub that help us understand the past, contextualize the present and envision the future. The Hub offers a variety of self led courses, podcasts and articles designed to deepen our knowledge of this Methodist movement, and help us sort out our place in it.

Next time you are wondering, check out the UM History Hub.