Local church resources for Asian American Pacific Islander month

April 27, 2023 | by Admin

Local church resources for Asian American Pacific Islander month

Dancers from the Creation Dance Production, a ministry of Genesis United Methodist Church in San Jose, Calif., perform a dance of hospitality to open the April 25 evening worship celebration at the 2012 United Methodist General Conference in Tampa, Fla. A UMNS photo by Paul Jeffrey.

Editor's note: May is Asian American Pacific Islander heritage month and a great opportunity to learn more about the many cultures across California-Nevada. The General Commission on Religion and Race has designed downloadable infographics that folks can post in gathering areas of their local churches.  Click here to access the 10 things to know about Asian Americans infographic. 10 honorable traits of Pacific Islander culture infographic can be found here.  

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are a diverse and growing group of people here in the United States. The scope of cultures represented among this group is broad, as it includes people with origins in the Far East, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands; each of these geographic areas contain similarities as well as their own unique cultural characteristics. With all this diversity, there is much to celebrate.

As we honor our Asian American and Pacific Islander brothers and sisters, we are recognizing the contributions they have made in our society. Their contributions include art, technology, music, education, influences in our cuisine, and even building the foundation for progress in the United States with the work of Chinese immigrants on the Transcontinental Railroad.   

Not only have our Asian American and Pacific Islander brothers and sisters made life better and richer in the United States, but also they have enriched the quality of life in The United Methodist Church, sharing with us their cultural values of strong family relationships and a communal approach to living. This way of life together reminds us of Jesus’ call to living an abundant life. It’s a life made better when we believe in God’s provision for us, and that how we care for one another is a part of God’s provision. 

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