Finding Peace in an Anxious World

October 26, 2020 | by Connie Hunter

Finding Peace in an Anxious World

Every year, across the country, in every conference, the United Methodist Women hold Mission u, an educational program where participants can choose from three study topics, one of which is a Spiritual Growth study.

It was four years ago that the Mission u planning committee began the process to select the study topics for 2020. Little did the committee know that their choice for the Spiritual Growth study would be so relevant for this year. The study chosen was "Finding Peace in an Anxious World."

Although Mission u’s in person classes were cancelled this year due to the pandemic, the planning and the study book have not gone to waste. The book's four chapters are based on the Book of Proverbs and on the Serenity Prayer. Each chapter is written by a different pastor of the Urban Village Church in Chicago whose congregation is often greatly stressed. The titles are "Serenity," "Acceptance," "Courage," and "Wisdom." In addition to the study book, there is an online Companion Guide and two short online videos for each chapter of the study book. The study falls easily into four or five one-hour sessions.

Using these resources, you may form your own Mission u class at any time and at your own convenience, and you can invite people from not only your congregation, but also neighboring congregations.

Almaden Hills UMW in San Jose did just that. They conducted the study in four zoom sessions. In preparation for each session, the participants read the assigned chapter of the study book, read the online Companion Guide and watched the short online videos for the chapter to be discussed. When they met, they built their discussions around the study questions at the end of each chapter. The authors gave them practical tools for dealing with the anxiety caused by many of 2020's events. The women of Almaden Hills commend this study to you – it was meant for such a time as this.

Click here to access the Companion Study Guide: Finding Peace in an Anxious World - Companion Study Guide for Individuals and Small Groups

Video Supplements:
Overview of Chapter 1: Serenity
Overview of Chapter 2: Acceptance
Overview of Chapter 3: Courage
Overview of Chapter 4: Wisdom

Theological Frameworks in Chapter 1: Serenity
Theological Frameworks in Chapter 2: Acceptance
Theological Frameworks in Chapter 3: Courage
Theological Frameworks in Chapter 4: Wisdom

Tips and resources for virtual meetings: If It Is Not Possible to Have a Face-to-Face Program

Connie Hunter serves as the UMW Mission Coordinator for Social Action for the California-Nevada Conference.