Lay Servant Ministry trainings adapted for cultural contexts

September 01, 2022 | by Admin

Lay Servant Ministry trainings adapted for cultural contexts

Would it surprise you to know that California-Nevada is offering laity training in Hmong, Tongan and Fijian first languages?

It shouldn’t. With a conference as culturally diverse as ours, the Leadership Development team, led by Dr. Mary Cheng, partners with pastors and laity across the conference to adapt courses for different cultural communities.

On September 19th and again on September 24th, Pastors Tikiko Lesuma and Tevita Koroi will bring the Lay Servant Ministry Basic Course to the Fijian communities with a bilingual experience in Fijian/English. Pastor Tevita will lead the course.

Earlier in the year, several Hmong pastors attended a training on how to facilitate the Basic and Spiritual Gifts courses at the conference center. Pastor Cheng Yang who attended the training will lead the Basic and Spiritual Gifts courses in Hmong/English at Oroville UMC. The Basic course in Tongan led by a multi-conference team of pastors debuted recently.  

When people decide to grow in ministry, many decide that the Lay Servant Ministry (LSM) courses are the best place to continue their journey. The first course, LSM Basic Course, is the first stop. The course covers leading, caring, creating and working in local communities or ‘into the world’.

Our conference office of Leadership Development manages the LSM courses and helps track attendee progress from the beginning to certification.

The upcoming Fijian/English LSM Basic course will be held in person on both September 17th and 24th from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m at Wesley UMC, 5010 15th Avenue, in Sacramento, 95820.

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The Hmong/English Basic class will also be held in person.  Click here to learn more about trainings offered by the conference.