Covid safe Holy Communion at Watsonville First UMC

July 29, 2021 | by John Song

Covid safe Holy Communion at Watsonville First UMC

Our Worship Team and Hospitality Team had a robust discussion on how to do Covid safe Communion starting this Sunday. 

We decided to cut up Wonder bread in squares the size of a thumb with toothpicks on each square bread. We will arrange them on dinner trays covered with a clean white cloth and place them on the Table, which is situated at the center of the middle aisle. We will prepare other trays with 1oz clear plastic cups filled with grape juice, and put those on the right and left side of the Table.  

After the pastor completes the Institution of Holy Communion ritual, they will first demonstrate to the people how it's done by pastor, accompanist, liturgist and Communion servers. Then pastor will  invite the people to form 2 lines in the middle aisle to come forward to receive the element. They will help themselves to the toothpick square bread, then move to the left or right side to drink the cup, then toss the toothpick and the cup in the bin that is located right next to the cup tray on both sides.

We will prepare extra trays of toothpick square bread and cups on the smaller table standing behind the Table for Communion servers may replenish the trays of bread and cups as needed.

We are doing this for the first time so we'll see how it goes.



Pastor John Song serves Watsonville First UMC.