Climate Justice Ministries Task Force Updates

August 26, 2022 | by Sharon Delgado

Climate Justice Ministries Task Force Updates

Submitted by Sharon Delgado
The Climate Justice Ministries task force held its first online meeting on August 17. We had an initial conversation about organizing our conference for the work of climate justice. The following people are serving as either members or advisors: Jean Reynolds, Betty Dickey, Rev. David Bunje, Rev. Myrna Bernadel Huey, Rosie Kumar, Natasha Kanhai, Rev. Jeanelle Ablola, Rev. Andrew Bear, Rev. Debbie Weatherspoon, Kristina Sinks, Rev. Dale Weatherspoon, Rev. Sharon Delgado, Rev. John Current, Jim Cramer, Rev. Hubert Ivery, Jordan Ilagan, Tom Thermans-Webster, Coleen Crum, Rev. Shirley Macemon, Rev. Lizabeth Klein, Rev. Joan Pell.
Upcoming Events
As the world prepares for the next climate conference (COP27) in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt in November), global climate justice movements are demanding governments and financial institutions take urgent climate action. Learn more by attending one of these upcoming events:
Sept. 11-14: Green Team Summit to Bring Faith and Science Together
From United Methodist Insight: “We encourage United Methodist climate activists and decision makers to sign up for the Sept. 11-14 Green Team Summit, Rooted Together. Co-sponsored by Faith in Place and United Women in Faith (formerly United Methodist Women), the online event will feature Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, one of the world's most prominent climate scientists, as keynoter. The theme reflects the summit's aim to bring faith and science together in the quest to care for God's creation. This summer's extreme weather events, from weeks of scorching heat through devastating floods around St. Louis, Mo., southeastern Kentucky, Death Valley in California, and this week in Dallas, Texas, compel us to look for solutions to the global climate crisis. We who believe that the Earth and all in it are the Lord's must step up to care for the planet, lest we fail in our duty to be good stewards of the wondrous world God has given us.”
Sept. 20-22: Facing the Climate Emergency on the Road to COP 27--Solutions and Perspectives from Global Women and Gender Diverse Leaders, a conference led by Women’s Earth and Climate Action International (WECAN).  Their conferences feature women’s international and indigenous perspectives on climate justice that are eye opening and humbling. Check out the remarkable lineup of speakers. If you register, you will also be able to watch the recordings later. https://www.wecaninternational.org/climate-justice-forum
Are you experiencing “climate grief?” Kristina Sinks, a Cal-Nevada deacon candidate and member of the Climate Justice Ministries Task force, and her band “The Many” put together these musical lament services, sponsored by The BTS Center, to process eco-grief and anxiety:  The Many Lament with Earth.
Inspiration: “By our own strength alone we are not able to transform ourselves at a deep level or bring about the structural changes that are needed, but the Spirit enables us to follow Jesus, to engage the powers, and to pray and work to created transformational communities that demonstrate the reign of God in our midst. In these ways, we bring hope to seemingly hopeless situations. In great Thunberg’s words, “Once we start to act, hope is everywhere.”  
Sharon Delgado, The Cross in the Midst of Creation
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Rev. Sharon Delgado is a retired elder and serves as chair of the Climate Justice committee within the Advocacy and Justice Mission Focus Area.

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